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Found 1 result

  1. Map pool server listing; Add colum/section to forum "Server Map Pool" / "Server Maps" Ability to choose between servers; example - Skill [Click for server list] Ability to choose, Noob, easy, hard, expert, combat, retakes etc [This will give players the ability to see which maps are currently on each server, so making suggestions for each server/s map pool will be easier] Add a section for all maps that aren't in server map pools, so we can avoid having the same suggested maps that just aren't in the map pool Add a voting system into the forum section for maps to be added/removed [This can be done via >Strawpoll< if we're unable to impliment a voting system into the forums] Add a section where players/creators can post their own maps in detail, a showcase video is a must to show how the map is surfed [Maps that aren't fully complete will not be accepted] Add a section for Players/creators where the community can upvote/downvote maps and give a reason why they should or shouldn't be added to the server map pool Maps must be tested by a higher up/s of the staff to insure the maps aren't being created to benefit one person who knows the 'big skip' The server listings could be as simple as a shortlink going to a googledoc showing all the current server map/s for that specific server. I think this would be a good addition to the forums as I know many people would like to see this feature implimented into the forum aswell as I. I am not taking any credit for the suggestion as I've seen or heard simular suggestions over my time playing.

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Killzone Gaming (KZG) is an ANZ CS:GO Community. KZG host’s a wide variety of game servers for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Mordhau, Minecraft and SCUM Game Servers. These servers are hosted in Australia and Singapore which are used by thousands of gamers daily. Over the past year KZG has had over 1.5 million unique players who have played and enjoyed our free to play Community Servers. KZG is constantly expanding and providing its community with unique and quality content.


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