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Found 20 results

  1. Happy Bunny

    Greetings humans

    Late introduction as I just found out this thread Holla y'all, This is Happy Bunny from New York City, US. Started since CS beta in early 2000s. (even before steam was available, left during source and came back a decade later ). Now I hang out on surf servers. Some Aussies and kiwis on surf servers wondered why folks from other countries play on kgz. It's 'cause you are loved by folks from all over the world. - that leads to - Many props to admins and mods (partially know the pain cuz I was a mod for a US CS 1.6 server once. Never will do it ever . Mentally taxing).
  2. ignOli

    Hey, i'm Oli

    Hey i'm Oli you might see me on a few of the surf servers or bhop. Cya around
  3. Zerotech

    Hi from OLD SCHOOL CS1.6

    hi Just letting you know that I am an old school cs1.6 bhopper and used to make maps for cs1.6 and I was proud to run gaming servers for the Original Counter-Strike 1.6 called CombatZone along with a few members who used to run with me. The reason I am here is to say hello to all BHOPPERS in the community and abroad and I would like to create maps which I have map experience with VHE, Adobe Photoshop, Sony Vegas and other tools to complete the maps into one it's called PakRat it works but not updated in ages along with VTFEdit which you need to convert those Adobe JPEG or other images into VTF Format which too me a bit to get used to. For those of you who want to know me I graduated my university course Information technology in 2015 so I know how a network is built and designed but lack programming skills which jobs require but i do not have. BTW if you are wondering what type of BHOPPER i am, I am a scroll wheel user using MWHEELDOWN as my preferred button to time the jumps. So far all of my records, i come last spot on scroll wheel, so hey at least I am doing it well so I can't complain about it. Just wanted to say hi and for me i am happy to produce some bhop maps if you like, to add to the community's experience. thanks all.
  4. Hello to all, you have probably seen me on the surf server already. I've been playing on the server for a short while now. Here is a great community where fun players can join and have even more fun together and make new friends. I've just joined so my rank on surf has moved to "beginner" , I'm hoping to soon have it on the next rank. See you all on the servers.
  5. Nizzle

    Allo allo

    Hey all, Name's Nizzle / Niz, semi new here, originally from B475 > VeeGee > Dualism! Haven't played JB in years but starting to enjoy it again on KZG! Feel free to shoot us an add if you're keen to play anything, always up for a match, PS4 included. Hope to see you all around! -Niz
  6. Hey guys! My name is Alex or Kaotic. I am somewhat new to KZG and am looking forward to becoming an active member of the community. I usually jump from server to server, so I can't quite give you an exact place to find me hiding. But I am really into the Fun server currently. I'm on the road to rank one ? If you have any questions you want to ask or just want to hang out ill link my steam at the bottom of the thread for you too add me Thanks for listening to my TED talk, Lots of love, -Kaotic STEAM: CLICKME
  7. Paradox

    Hi Im Paradox

    Hi My Name is Paradox. For those who dont know me im an SK admin and a regular player on combat surf. @My Name is Tito - inactive on forums - jks
  8. beary

    I guess I'm back?

    Sooo, its been agesss! about a year since i left! I was a VIP player, i went by the name Waifu, Sammy, Eliiot, Femboy, MaydaySammy and now Beary c; Its been awhile since ive been back here but im gonna enjoy the new staff and community ^-^ Feel free to msg me for Q's or anything, wont bite owo
  9. Hi my name is Xelar8 I am a funny guy but don't make me mad or I will rage my ass off I usually play on every Single KZG server that are big e.g Minigames Jailbreak (Used to) Scoutsknivez 1v1 and Combat surf I would like to welcome all the newcomers to KZG and hope they have a fantastic time here Steam name [BBG] ♠ ^^ I-X3LAr-8 ^^ ♛
  10. Spookington

    Spookington's Introduction

    Hello my name is Spookington and I mostly play ScoutKnivez
  11. ✪ Wolvez

    Wolvez Intro

    Hello, im not that old but I decided to make a introduction. My name is Wolvez, most or some of ScoutKnivez players know me and im a pretty chill guy. Currently im grinding for the 42hrs on ScoutKnivez so I can apply for either Moderator or Administrator. Thank for all of you that have taken your time to read this forum and have a nice day.
  12. Ruby Da Cherry

    Ruby Da Cherry's Introduction

    Hey. My name is Ruby Da Cherry or Ruby for short and I recently found out that making an introduction will net me some more raffle tickets so here it is. I've really only played on RP at the moment as I prefer skill game modes such as surf and bhop but I occasionally warm-up on the 1v1 server. My first few days on KZG weren't exactly the best but from then on I've been making sure that I mostly abide to all the rules in-game and by being active on the forums I hope to become a positive player in the community. See you around. - Ruby Oh and I really like gifs
  13. Boruto


    hi, I'm 13 and I'm from Australia.
  14. suhMikay


    Hello everyone, Recently I made a new forum account, so I decided to make another introduction. I play a lot of csgo, basketball and I also love music. I play the guitar and piano (dont own a piano though..). I play combat surf, (on a wide variety of servers) and I would love to help improve the server. I currently going for moderator on combat surf: (+rep me if you want) other than that scroll down for some useless stuff you'd like to know about me Hey everyone, if you were looking for a more formal introduction here you go Hey guys, my name is Michael. I'm generally known as Mikay, and often change my name.. but my main alias is Mikay. I play combat surf whenever I'm free and I'm a really well known player. I'm 13 years old and currently in year eight. I have 2 siblings. One older brother and a younger sister. My sister is currently in grade 12 studying biology and my brother is 24 years old as a pharmacist. I have a really shitty setup, but soon i'll be getting a new one whenever I get a job as a student (thats gonna take a while :c) I got my alias as Mikay from minecraft, where all my friends kept calling me miki, and decided Mikay is a nice name so used it. I've been playing csgo for 2 years but my old account got vacced. I don't take csgo seriously, but sometimes I do rage for fun If you'd like to add me: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Mikayyy/ Bye everyone
  15. BarnOnHill


    I go by BarnOnHill or more commonly Barn, I pretty much only surf on cs now. I'm not very good but I find it relaxing and thats all that matters to me. Played/play Overwatch (master), Hearthstone (rank 3 nonlegend), League (D5) and Town of Salem.
  16. ♥ Sleepy ♥

    I am ♥ Sleepy ♥

    Hi I am ♥ Sleepy ♥ , I play on the casual comp server and the 1v1 server. I like csgo!
  17. Hey there, i'm super bad at introductions so ill try to keep it brief! - My name is Anna or Princess, and I like to play / make maps for CSGO I'm here cause @skyprah forced me to join at gunpoint (he asked nicely) so that I could do some mapping for you guys n gals - My Steam Profile is HERE ! I'm a pretty social person and love talking to people, so don't be shy about dropping by to say hi. That being said i am busy, sick, and at work quite a bit, so if i don't respond i'm sorry, it isn't meant to be rude. - I guess a tiny bit about me before i end this thingy: I'm 21 years old (22 in April, whew) I like running, mapping, and used to play softball/tennis for school. I play (when i have time) mostly TTT, Deathrun, or Comp. I used to play Overwatch and was ranked 4200 SR! - Okay well i think thats about it! Thanks for taking the time to read and hope to meet and befriend lots of you guys shortly!
  18. OrAnGeY | YouTube

    Hi, Im Orange

    Hi, im orange and i have over 5 Days on Minigames. I can complete about 6 maps and i know many people on the server. I don't mic spam and i dont like the people that break the rules e.g Knife glitching. Oh yeah and i have a youtube channel that i post on aswell. Some of my friends are, Cal, Flex, Talksick, Hyst and Ray ShadowZ. I am currently an SEM, Striving to become an MG by the end of the year. I was Born in Australia and I am Maltese. My dream on the KZG servers are to become an Admin on the Minigames server, but of course im not old enough. Orange
  19. Frazer

    Whats poppin b

    Whats poppin, im frazer. i have been surfing for a while found kzg a few weeks ago and ill say this ME LIKEY
  20. |Slick| {Trading}

    Slick's Intro!

    WASSUP MA DOODS! It's me! Most of you guys know me as Slick on Combat Surf! I am 15 years of age and I love making new friends (i know it sounds cheesy xD)! I have already made many friends on combat surf such as Rick and Aki! I can't wait to meet more friendly people and if you meet me on any of the servers, just say Hi! I'd love that! I am also a starting up skin collector and if any of you want to trade then make sure to hit me up! Here is my Steam Profile link, don't hesitate before adding me but just comment on the profile telling me why! Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/ripperinoyt/ HAVE A GREAT DAY!

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