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Found 5 results

  1. InMemeWeTrust

    Skill surf Battle of shadows

    Hello! I have a suggestion that could be a fantastic addition to the practice mode or crash and burn cause there is already an easier way. You are surfing against a shadow player model of your BEST personal best or World record. It would require the player to already completed the map to have a shadow of the personal best ("SOPB"), and that is said to be the same for a world record ("SOWR"). Justification for SOPB/SOWR I justify the addition of a SOPB/SOWR because it is an existing feature in much successful and time trial like games. E.G. Trial series, Mario kart 8, track mania. It has been a proven means to improve a run in a splurge of different games. I can see it being a powerful tool to overthrow Rhea #1 records. It will help new players learn the path of a map in real-time and ease them into the concept of surfing. When I observed other newbies play their 1st surf maps, it became a matter of "where do I go?" and "how the fuck does this work?". It can be customized as a form of incentive for VIPs. Adding decorative trails or lines that follow the SOPB/SOWR. (This feature should be toggleable) At this time, I can only see it as a practice tool or a complimentary feature with sm_hide (!hide). User retention. Have friendly tools towards the new players, increase the chance they will stay and give $$$$ to KZG. I understand that there will be a limitation to implementing this idea. But imagine practising with checkpoints against your SOPB or SOWR. Sure this idea is redundant to our T3 or higher players... or maybe not.
  2. ???????

    Map Cooldown

    Surely there should be a cooldown for a map. For example, if Kitsune has just been played, there should be 3-5 maps played before it can be voted for again. This will stop the constant playing of certain maps
  3. surfboihohen


    I identify as a G mail, because I always send it. Frey is still the worst Master & top 100 surfer. You can't change my mind. Smile
  4. buy vip here You've bought VIP but you don't know the perks: - Change Title colour and name (!title command in chat) - Change chat text colour (!title command in chat) - Vip Menu (!vip) - Access to VIP only skins, hats, glasses (!store in chat) - Priority player slot when server is full - !icons change your flag and put a cool smiley (!icons in chat) - bonus tickets for raffle (Over 5000) - 2x the voting power effects/trials coming soon
  5. Server Group You're Applying For?: SKILL SURF Steam Account Name: I AM SENPAIII Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:139498918 Age: 18 Description Of Yourself: I am Senpai, teacher of all the new players of the beginner server. My real name is Aaron and truthfully I'm a fun loving guy that is chill and just enjoys the time that I spend on the surf server. Majority of the hours I have in counter strike are spent on various surf servers but i feel as if KZG is the one that I will always come back to due to the community and friendly staff. I have only recently graduated from year 12 and so I have quite a bit of time on my hands hoping to fill some of that time with moderation on KZG. Some of my hobby's include fishing, fixing pinball machines and of course gaming. Overall I'm a nice guy who is looking to bring chill and positivity to the KZG surf servers. Play-Time On Server You're Applying For?: 15 hours on the easy server. But i do know for a fact that my hours on the beginner are well and truly greater than that and im unable to check exactly. What Time Do You Normally Play On The Server You're Applying For?: On and off all throughout the day. Id like to say I'm most active during the night but I'm also just as active throughout the day. Vouching Staff Members Of The Server You Are Applying For?: Hairy Cherry, Dex. and Raven Players Vouching Your Application?: Cjcambo and if I was to be perfectly honest id say majority of the player base of the beginner server would vouch for me if I asked. Why Do You Deserve To Be A Part Of The Killzone Gaming Staff Team?: I'm an active and friendly member of the KZG community. I feel as if I'm well known for my non-ironic teacher role within the community but that in itself is what makes me so unique. I always try my best to keep the servers that I'm on friendly and welcoming for new players and sometimes there are people that do ruin the server and id like to be able to warn and deal with them if needed on the spot rather then wait for another admin to come join from me using !calladmin. What Qualities Can You Bring To Killzone Gaming?: As I said in the past question I'm a friendly and welcoming guy and will always be open to help people no matter how small the problem. I can be strict and serious when I need to be to enforce the server rules but at the same time I have a good sense of humor and can take a joke. Checked The Application Requirements?: Yes Read The Server Rules Of The Server You're Applying For?: Yes Have A Loud And Audible Microphone?: Yes

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Killzone Gaming (KZG) is an ANZ CS:GO Community. KZG host’s a wide variety of game servers for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Mordhau, Minecraft and SCUM Game Servers. These servers are hosted in Australia and Singapore which are used by thousands of gamers daily. Over the past year KZG has had over 1.5 million unique players who have played and enjoyed our free to play Community Servers. KZG is constantly expanding and providing its community with unique and quality content.


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