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Found 2 results

  1. Dubzz Fx

    skill surf

    Hello I am Dubzz Fx and I'm 15 years of age, I've been playing for while now I'm currently rank 4 on skill surf and here is a small list for now with some of the easiest bugs to fix that would make the server alot better and more enjoyable for the people, so lets get started cheated times/glitched times: most of the t1 maps have cheated time such as surf_summit, surf_reprise, surf_nyx, surf_mesa_fix these are not all the maps but their are time are just unbeatable because remove a skip or the start zone like surf_rebel_resistance, surf_egypt and surf_overgrowth2. speedcap/server down: Kzg has alot on maps on it that don't have the right speedcap on it such as surf_fornax should be uncapped instead being 3500 surf_interference should be uncapped, surf_reprise should be 4500 surf_flow should be uncapped again this isn't all of them but it is a start. Now with the servers it always to be the top 200 and expert surf are always down so for the people that want to learn t4 plus we can't at this time. teleport: On some maps that would teleport you do a different part of the map can sometimes make you face backwards witch would make the map unplayable, I don't the maps names but the map would mostly have no completes and I would find them if a admin contacts me. max velocity: For the largest problem that effects all maps that actually requires max velocity, there is a peculiar bug which allows your speed to actually reverse your velocity while you should be maintaining max velocity, for example as you come off a ramp at max velocity while gaining velocity in the y direction from gravity, entering a ramp will sit you at 3300 adn you can see it battle itselft to increase speed but ends up losing speed, this should obviously not occur. This is especially frustrating for maps such as utopia which has max velocity as a major component to the skilled bunch or choose to surf the map for a good time. 2500 speedcap: There is a bug occurring on multiple servers which caps a players speed at 2500, they are not able to exceed this speed throughout any part of the map. Players have tried restarting their game and it becomes a game of luck whether the player can re-join without the speed cap. If you did take the time out of your day to read this and you agree to what I have to say about the surf servers please tell people so we can spread the word to start making this a more enjoyable to play on Dubzz Fx
  2. Rolvexxx

    My Surf Skill xD

    That moment when you are on combat surf and you finally do a good surf and then die but the person you spectate after you die does an even better surf than me and basically makes me look like a newbie I don't bloody know how all these players on combat surf do that good at surfing they fly around and keep the same exact speed to continue surfing my surfing skills are a 1/20 and the kids I see surfing are at least a 20/20 I need to be better at surfing

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