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how do I check what rank I am in other styles (BW, SW) etc

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I was trying to find this out because in !profile it only shows your normal rank

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Do /top

It shows the top 100 players for each style

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Atm the only way would be to be in the top 100 if you want an exact rank by doing /top or you can maybe find out by looking at your profile through /mtop or /btop maybe,, else you just have to assume based off your rank for now.



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Silver 3

Theres commands for !bwp / !bwprofile, which opens a selection of styles from which you can select the style you want. Its missing No-Max-Vel, Drift King, Turbomaster 3000 and Parachute. You can find your profile through those styles by using !top if your top100 on the style selected, alternatively finding a time on a the current map. Best ways are !mtop or !wrcp then selecting the style, or finding bonus times by !mtop > selecting a style > back > bonus top > selecting the bonus

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