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Stepping Down


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Hello beloved-ed KZG community,

I hope everyone is doing well and stay safe!!

I believe it is my time for me to say my farewells as a KZG staff member, This has come to me recently as a solution for me to better myself personally, as i feel like i have neglected certain task and things i need to upkeep while being a Staff member of KZG and likewise in real life. All is still welcome to contact me and i am not leaving completely from the community but i will be taking quite of a break.

Big thank you to All Staff members currently and in the past that i had some good memories with, appreciate you guys for accepting me as a fellow staff member.





KZG Community Member

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This is the big sad day

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😞 Vsad to see you go 😞 
Better come back soon


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I am big sad 😞. Good luck in your future endeavours ❤️.


●▬▬▬▬▬๑ AIM & SG Head Administrator ๑▬▬▬▬▬●

ϟ¸¸.•*´¨`ϟ Samuukxs#4610 ϟ´¨`*•.¸¸ϟ

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Thank you for everything you have done, I wish you the best <33

Killzone Gaming Community Director

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Need To Contact Me?

Discord - Diamond#7161 | Steam - Diiam0nd

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Sad to see you go! Gonna miss you big man! you are def one of my favorite members of the staff team.

hoping all goes well! stay safe and hope to see you again <3 


- CliffordTBRC

:harambe: :silver: 

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See you around fella, sad to see you go, but I'm sure this aint the last we've heard from you.




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Hello, I am necroposting today for your attention. As the holder of over 900 million credits, I would like to formally petition for the removal of all my credits and the addition of roulette and coinflip back to the server. Without the ability to gamble, many players have had to take other routes to get the gambling fix that was once satiated by the credit gambling on the server, such as hacking, doxxing and trying to get other players to type speed.toggle in console (pls dont ban me I'm not endorsing it). This graph clearly represents this trend in the law which I like to call the "Law of Fuckwits who have nothing better to do than to try and get prebs banned".



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who are you


no im jk. sad to see u go. loved having u have shit bhop times so i felt good about myself xoxo

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godspeed king

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In all seriousness In the past week or two he has made it very clear that he has been wanting to apply for an administrative within KZG and he has been out to prove himself, sure he may get carried away with the banter on the server as we all do at times but I do believe he has tried his best to act professionally on the server. He at times has tried to extinguish an argument on the server between people or more people which make my job and other admins work easier and by doing so demonstrates his qualities of discipline, that he wasn’t the server to act in a manner where we all have fun not just some of us. When I was getting to know  he was very friendly and welcoming and wasn’t afraid to talk to people on the TeamSpeak server or the jailbreak server. He is very energetic and is always wanting to talk to people he knows or the people on the server.

Not once has he been disrespectful to me in my administrative role or any other members of the staff to my knowledge, but unfortunately he was toxic to the know permanently banned Mr.Matty which all people on the server had a problem with. Most of the times it was out of hatred for the individual who found happiness from what seemed like trolling the server, but to anyone else on the server he is extremely welcoming and often will give them a second chance if they mess up somehow. This is where we see being honest with us as an administrative team and also a community, if he doesn’t like you and he think you are bad for the server he will not hesitate to remove them from the server so others and himself can enjoy their time.  has been with KZG for almost 1 month now, he in no shape is a long severing member of KZG but I do believe he will be in the future.

My personal belief is that  isn’t ready for the trial stage and needs more time on the server with other admins and other members to demonstrate his attributes on why to be is, in fact, a great candidate for admin, but hey that is what you do as a trail so he is ready for a trail position, or at least an interview. At very least this should be a message to the senior staff and the long standing members and admin of KZG that  has something to offer and you should come and watch him.


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:KZG_kz:-=-Trouble In Terrorist Town Administrator-=-:KZG_kz:





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Steam Community: NightmareOCE

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