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[SKILL SURF] Console's Mute Report


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Your In-Game Name: Zulumv10
Your Steam_ID: 76561198314641287

Their In-Game: Console
Their Steam_ID: 76561199085305433

Reason(s): I understand I wasn't allowed to say the n word and i was muted for 15 mins, But when I was unmuted, I explained and argued that I was from an aboriginal decendant and he muted me again, I never said the n word after the first mute, but he still muted me. I am un happy with the racismn towards me, having been muted twice because of the fact that I am sticking up for my aboriginal decendancy. The second mute was apparently because of micspam, but as said previously it was me sticking up for my aborignal decendancy. additionally to this i was also gaged due to me putting the word toward console that I was aboriginal. would like to see some action apon this, as this is clear racism., I am very unhappy with the actions taken by one of your staff as this has clearly disrupted my race and as said previously, would like some action toward this case.

Proof / Evidence / Witnesses: cardinal Pell 76561198402041734,

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If you think your mute was unfair, please dont argue about it on server or to the moderator, please make a discord ticket.
People harass our mods after mutes all the time and it is unfair, and questioning a mods decision to mute constantly is mutable.

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