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[SKILL SURF] Nasreddin's Abuse Report


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Your In-Game Name: Sebatian Vettel
Your Steam_ID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198272700978/

Their In-Game: Nasreddin
Their Steam_ID: idk

Reason(s): Joined the server, naturally played music like normal in order to start a music vote but was just immediately muted for 30 minutes with no vote. Asked him why he didnt make a vote in admin chat (which is its purpose if im not wrong) then he just gagged me for an hour

Proof / Evidence / Witnesses: Ask him/check logs

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Not how it works. You are a known nuisance and micspammer. Abusing me, attempting to lecture me about the rules, then spamming admin chat was definitely not the way to get unmuted either. I was awfully generous to only mute you for 1 hour, when I was well within rights to do so for significantly longer with your mute history.

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Nas is correct you have a long history of abusing admin chat and micspam,

You should know that a music vote comes before the music, not the other way around.

Feel free to politely ask for a vote if an admin is on next time before playing music.

If you have a problem with a mute or gag, please make a support ticket on discord, rather then spam admin chat asking why.



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