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Skill Surf Commands


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Skill surf commands
A list of commands you can use on the skill surf servers - please keep in mind some commands are disabled on certain servers

Checking Times/Ranks
!mtop - Check the top ranking players on the current map.
!btop - Check the top ranking players on the current maps bonus's
!top - Check the overall ranks of the players
!mrank - Check for group threshold times or a specific *online* players time.
To check for group threshold - "!mrank @g1"     Checks for the slowest group 1 time, you can put @g2 for group 2 and @g3 for group 3 ect.
To check who is a certain rank on a map - "!mrank @*the rank you want to check*" eg. "!mrank @52" - which will print the 52nd time on the map.
To check for your current time/rank on the map "!mrank"
To check another *online* players time/rank on the current map "!mrank *playername*"
To check your time on another map "!mrank *map name in full*" 
To check another *online* players time/rank on another map "!mrank *playername* *map name in full*"

!brank - Check for bonus ranks and times or a specific *online* players time. (command can be used in the same way as mrank)
!wrcp - Check checkpoint or stage records for the current map or "!wrcp *map name in full*" to check for another map
!pr - To check your personal check point times for the current map or or "!or *map name in full*" to check for another map
!cpr - To check your personal check point times for the current map against the current 1st ranked player for the map
!avg - Prints the average time on the current map
!pc - Shows map completion percentage
!rr - Shows recently broken records
!mi - Opens the map improvement information / shows you the points given per group/complete

!styles - Opens the styles menu 
Ranked styles are - Sideways, Half-sideways, Backwards and Normal (default)

Fun styles are - Low gravity, Slow motion, Fast forward, Parachute, No Max-Velocity, Drift King, Turbomaster 3000
!options - Opens the options menu to customize your HUD.
!p  /  !profile -
Contains the profiles (completed times/record info) for the players connected to the server currently.
!bwp - Options the styles profile for a player currently connected to the server
!bonus - Teleports you to a bonus if the map has one, If the map has multiple it will bring up a menu to select which bonus you want.
!r  /  !restart - Teleports you back to the beginning of the map (stage 1 if the map is staged), without restarting your time. 
!b  /  !back - Teleports you to the start of the previous stage you were on, If the map is linear it will teleport you back to the beginning.
!noclip  /  !nc - Lets you move around in no clip - (triggers will still reset you), using this command again will turn this off.
!repeat - Toggles stage repeat on/off - Gives the player the ability to repeat a stage infinitely until toggled off
!spec - Moves you to the spectator menu where you can watch a player surf or watch a recording of someone's run on a bot
!stage  /  !s - You can use this command to navigate to different stages. eg "!stage 3" or "!s 3"
!startpos - Creates a new starting position  - you cannot use !stage or !s when you create a new start position, when used on a stage map if you use !b or !back it will restart you to the very beginning.
!clearstartpos - Clears your start position back to the default.

TAS / Practice commands
!saveloc - Saves your current position and speed on the map
!loadloc - Lets you set which saved position you want to use with !tele
!tele - Teleports you to a saved position
!loclist - Shows you the list of saved positions
To use these as binds
Saves your current position and speed on the map- "bind *key* sm_saveloc"      
Teleports back to the saved position & speed- "bind *key* sm_tele"      

Misc commands
!knife -  Gives you the option to pick a new knife model
!ws - You can choose a new weapon/knife skin here
!shop - Opens the shop menu where you can purchase player skins / fun items for points (you can earn points by improving your times and completing maps)
!bhop - Toggles auto-bhop
!nv   /  !nvg - Toggles night-vision
!nvs  - Allows you to modify your night-vision settings
!tier - Displays the maps tier in chat
!flashlight - Toggles flashlight on/off - Disabled in some cases.
!usp - Brings your usp back if you dropped it
!Hide - Toggles the visibility of other players
!m - Prints map info in chat
!newmap - Displays newly added maps
!showzones - Toggles the ability to see map zones 
!showclips - Toggles the ability to see map clips
!showtriggers - Toggles the ability to see map triggers
!credits -  Shows your current credits - which you can use in the shop (!shop)
!gift - You can gift your credits to another player with "!gift *playername* *credit amount*"

Reporting a player or incident
!calladmin - Notifies moderators/admins to join the server when someone is breaking the rules.
!bug - Gives you the option to report a bug to our discord

Skill surf VIP commands

!title - Brings up the title menu
!customtitle - Allows you to change your title "!customtitle "{colour} TITLE"   /   or in console "sm_customtitle "{colour}title" "
!joinmsg - Allows you to change your join message "!joinmsg "{colour} JOINMSG"   /   or in console "sm_joinmsg "{colour}JOINMSG" "
!write - Lets you write a colourful message that is displayed in the air on server
!icons - Customize a leaderboard icon
!mm - Applies a MM rank on the scoreboard
!colours - shows the list of colours options for titles/names
!paint - Gives the player the ability to paint on map surfaces
!paintsize - Changes the size of your paint (small, medium, large)
!paintcolour - Brings up a menu that lets you choose the colour of the paint used
!fakeping- The ability to put a fake value where your ping would usually be on the leaderboard

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