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Greetings humans

Happy Bunny

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Late introduction as I just found out this thread

Holla y'all, This is Happy Bunny from New York City, US.

Started since CS beta in early 2000s.
(even before steam was available, left during source and came back a decade later 😜).
Now I hang out on surf servers.

Some Aussies and kiwis on surf servers wondered why folks from other countries play on kgz.  
It's 'cause you are loved by folks from all over the world.

- that leads to -

Many props to admins and mods
(partially know the pain cuz I was a mod for a US CS 1.6 server once. Never will do it ever 😃. Mentally taxing).  

Edited by Happy Bunny
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Killzone Gaming Bot

Hello Happy Bunny.

Welcome to The Killzone Gaming Community Forums!

We hope you enjoy your stay within our community.

If you haven't already go check out our Community Discord Server!


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Welcome to the fourms happy bunny!

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Welcome aboard Happy Bunny 🤟

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Welcome to the KZG family bunny! :)

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