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[PUBG Update] Dev Talk: DESTON Live on June 25

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Killzone Gaming Bot

Hello players!

PUBG Dev Team have prepared and are inviting you to a pleasant live show this week to finally introduce and discuss our upcoming new 8x8 map: Deston. We'll be revealing our intentions on Deston, its map environment, anticipated gameplay, and its new, exclusive mechanics.

We've also prepared special events such as a Live Q&A session, PUBG Dev vs PUBG Partners match, and some hot Drops, so get ready to scoop up valuable information and rewards this week!

Read on for more details on the upcoming stream, events, and rewards.
When and where will you go live?
  • Our Dev Talk will be live through our PUBG Partners on streaming channels such as Twitch, YouTube (Global), and more!
  • Live stream schedule
    • June 25 (Sat)
      • 7 AM CEST
      • June 24 (Fri), 10 PM PDT
      • 2 PM KST
      • 5 AM UTC
What events are prepared?


Which Partners will be streaming?
The full list of our participating PUBG Partners is at the very bottom of this page!
Live Stream Drops


Watch our Dev Talk (15 minutes+)
Twitch, YouTube (Global), other PUBG Partner streaming platforms
Date(PC & Console)
Twitch and other streaming platformsJune 25 (Sat)
7 AM CEST - 4:59 PMJune 24 (Fri) 10 PM - June 25 (Sat) 7:59 AM PDT2 PM KST - 11:59 PM5 AM UTC - 2:59 PMYouTube (Global)June 25 (Sat)
7 AM CEST - 10 AMJune 24 (Fri) 10 PM - June 25 (Sat) 1 AM PDT2 PM KST - 5 PM5 AM UTC - 8 AM
Contraband Coupon x10 & Deston Emblem
How to Receive Drops Rewards
Sign in to your KRAFTON ID here(https://accounts.pubg.com/).Link your game platform(s). (You may link multiple platforms.)Link your Twitch/YouTube account.Watch our Dev Talk!
Here are some notes to keep in mind for our Drops:

※ You'll be able to receive drops through the mentioned channels only.

※ Rewards will only be distributed during the live stream (mentioned date above).

※ The Deston Emblem will be delivered by: July 13 UTC for PC and July 21 UTC for Console.

※ To receive the rewards, you must have a KRAFTON ID and link it to your game platform AND Twitch/each region's streaming platform.

※ If you're watching on YouTube, make sure to link your KRAFTON ID before watching.

※ Streaming platforms excluding Twitch and YouTube will be receiving redeem codes instead of drops.

Check out the participating Partner channels!

NA Streaming Channels

Additional partner list can be found here[na.battlegrounds.pubg.com]

See you this Saturday!


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