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[AIM] All Shots Missed's Moderator Application

All Shots Missed

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All Shots Missed

Current Steam Name: All Shots Missed
Steam ID: https://steamid.kzg.gg/?q=76561198859584027
Discord Handle: All Shots Missed#2034

Age: 15
Gender: Male

Description of myself: I am a computer enthusiast who likes to play csgo when I am not at school or studying. I try to be easy going and friendly. I am currently trying to improve at csgo as much as possible as I enjoy practice and improvement. My favourite CS team is renegades 😞

Qualities I can bring to Killzone Gaming: I can bring a warm attitude, I am very social and can help to build connections with the community, I can also help to relate to the community because of my experience with the game and my perspective on the server from being a player for so long.

Contributions I have made towards Killzone Gaming: I have helped the community previously by helping to report and ban cheaters, as well as reporting any bugs. I also try to be a positive influence on the community through my chatting on the server and through my interactions with the community over discord

Play time on the server group I am applying for: 35 Hours

Vouching staff member/s: 
Vouching player/s: 

I have read and met the application requirements for the server group I am applying for: YES
I have read the Community Rules: YES

Are you currently a staff member of another community: NO,

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Killzone Gaming Bot

Hi All Shots Missed,

We wish you all the best in your Staff Application!


The Staff Application Process usually takes between 2-3 weeks upon making an application.

- Killzone Gaming Management

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hey man

decent effort on your application, a few things;

> your playtime on the servers isn't massive, this isn't a huge deal - usually we like to see a bit more involvement from staff however sometimes becoming staff helps boost those stats. more playtime = better understanding of the nuances of the community = being a better moderator

> I haven't really seen you around much/haven't had much interaction with you - which servers do you typically play on?

>you're also a tad on the young side, which again - isn't a deal breaker, we have younger staff currently, I believe your application displayed maturity, it's just a bit difficult to judge without having seen you play/interact with the community before

I'd suggest hanging around retake #1 - it's where most AIM staff spend their time, get to know a few people and we'll take it from there

At this stage, I'd give you a neutral rep - however don't be disheartened, get to know a few of us and I'm sure it will change to a +rep and giving you a run at trial moderator 


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I don't recall seeing you on the AIM servers before, but this could just be because of your relatively low hours, so I can't give a positive or negative recommendation.

However nothing seems weird/dodgy about your steam profile or stats/history on KZG servers, no toxic behaviour in chat logs and no previous bans or mutes etc so I would say more positive than negative so far.

I can see you have quite a lot of connects to retake with low play time, 5-20 minute play sessions, which isn't too bad, everyone is busy, however more and longer time in the servers, and communicating a bit more will help you get to know other players and staff and allow them to get to know you to help your application.

Other than that, your steam profile says you live in Western Australia, and this could be a good thing to have a staff member over there because of the time zone differences, especially in summer when WA is 3 hours behind the east coast.

Good luck with your application.

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hey mate, decent application

I recommend to get some more play time within the servers (Retakes #1 is great!) This will get you noticed more by staff.

We notice when someone is regularly active and is a friendly player.

Neutral Rep from my end.

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I agree with the above comments for your app

you've made a great app the main problem is the staff team just does not know you well enough to make a good enough judgment, like they said you could come on retakes 1 where most of the staff members hang out.

From my view I think we should leave this application up for a little bit more and get to know you more for now its a neutral rep from me as I do not know you well enough to make a decision at the moment.

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Howdy mate,

As many others have already said, you have a solid application but your playtime is little, and although your name is familiar to me, I can't recall any interaction with you on the servers across AIM. Come into retakes as that's where most of us reside and have a chat, always happy for some gabble. Although younger you've shown maturity through your app, come spend some more time in servers :D We will notice when you're in, don't be shy and say hello.

Neutral rep from me, best of luck with your application



"There is only one thing more important than how we spend our time, and that is who we spend it on"

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Yep this is definitely a good app and no need to restate what has already been discussed.

if you have involvements outside of school like I do, basketball, football, wrestling, judo and heavy weight lifting, its much recommended to make these apparent so you can justify why you wouldnt be on at certain times. Oi but other than that!! +rep!


seen this guy before is nice

Edited by niratt
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Hey All Shots Missed,

I liked reading your application; well written and it seems you can bring some great qualities with you, however I have not seen you in game too often from my memory. As previously mentioned, you should play more on KZG retakes 1 which many of us staff play on so we can all get to know you a little better. -neutral rep from me and I look forward to seeing you in game!


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Had a chat to All Shots Missed in the discord,

Seems like a good guy who can get along well with people.

My only complaint is his play time, once that goes up I see no reason you wouldn't be accepted.

gonna be a neutral from me



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Solid Guy, Passionate and Outgoing.

Don't know enough based on the time spent with him to judge whether he is suitable for the role, based on first impressions all is positive.

Hope all goes well with your application.

Steam Community: NightmareOCE

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Hey mate, unfortunately I have to deny your appeal due to your minimal play-time, this being the only reason. I would recommended in the next month or so trying to get those hours up and familiarise yourself with members of staff. I urge you to re-apply in the future when you pick up those hours (maybe in a month or so), have a good one.

Thanks, Samuukxs

AIM & SG Manager



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Killzone Gaming Bot


We are sorry to inform you that this application has been denied.

if you have enquiry's about the judgement of this application please do not hesistate to get in touch with a member of the Senior Staff Team ( one of the following; Head Administrator, Manager, Community Director, Management).


- Killzone Gaming Management

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