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Jailbreak Server Rules 3.0 [22/07/22]

My Name is Tito

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My Name is Tito




Jailbreak is a game mode with two teams Prisoners (T) and Guards (CT).

The purpose for this mode is for the Prisoners to try and rebel(optional) and kill the Guards whilst either playing map games or playing warden games.

The purpose for the Guards is to move the Prisoners around the map playing map games, lowering the number of Prisoners.

Once there is 1 Prisoner left, they may choose a Last Request.

All Last requests will be between 1 Prisoner and 1 Guard.



Player/s should use common sense at all times.

Staff Member/s word is final. - Continuously arguing with admins decisions will result in a kick / ban.

Be respectful to all other players as bullying and/or abuse is not tolerated on ANY of our servers. Please note that Admins will not be able to interact with abuse or bullying if they did not see it happen. In this case, please make a thread on the forum with valid evidence.

Do not spam voice chat or game chat. This includes any voice changers, bad microphones or playing any music over your microphone - Will result in a temporary mute.

Do not advertise others servers or websites. Please ensure before joining you do not have any websites in your team tag and/or name as you may be asked for it to be taken off by admins.

T’s and Ct’s should not intentionally delay the round, this includes LRs and getting stuck in cells and map games. - They will be teleported OR slayed at the admin’s discretion.

Do not exploit any maps - Will result in a slay.

WARDENS CANNOT give orders to purposefully trick T's for points. This will result in an extended CT ban.

AFK's cannot be killed before 12:15. This ensures everyone has time to get back from what they're doing.

You may NOT camp inside medic at any time, unless ordered by Warden




Free Day Rules

F1: The first round of every map is a “Free Day”. - Keep in mind that WARMUP is NOT first round.

F2: Freeday rules automatically INCLUDE : Knifing Distance KOS, Rebelling T’s KOS, an d Primary or Secondary equipped KOS NOTE: Having a weapon on your back is NOT KOSable, the guards MUST order you to drop the weapon.

F3: During ANY freeday, when the clock hits 10:00, the freeday ends and the warden may continue wardening.

Special Day Rules

S1: Default times for actively hunting is at 11:00 and no teaming at 10:00.

S2: Special days cannot be started if any prisoner has been intentionally killed by a Guard.

S3: Player/s cannot be in team sided area's for example CT only areas and T only areas as well as not using and/or camping medic/ armoury.

S4: During special days, one-way walls are not to be used to gain an advantage over other players.

S5: CLIMB is restricted on ANY Map for Hide N Seek and Zombie Special Days. - Will result in a SLAY.

S6: Special days are only allowed every four rounds, and NOT at the beginning of the map.



General CT Rules

CT1: To be a guard, you must be willing and able to be warden, have a good understanding of the rules and have a loud and audible microphone. Player/s who are deemed "Bad CTs" may be swapped at admin discretion.

CT2: Guards must allow a minimum of four seconds for prisoners to comply with orders.

CT3: GUARDS must NOT call KOS based on playermodels

CT4: Guards must actively hunt Rebellers otherwise must be helping Warden at ALL times.

CT5: Guards may not bait any prisoner/s (Be within any reasonable distance of knifing range) This Include AFK's & Rebellers. (Will result in a SLAY)

CT6: The Warden may NOT use any form of trickery when transporting T's.

CT7: The first order the warden gives must get T's out of cells. Eg: saying 'leaving cells KOS' to trick T's after cells are opened IS NOT ALLOWED.

CT8: Guards may NOT camp armoury at any time. (e.g blocking a direct route to armoury.) Guards are allowed to enter gun room ONLY to clear it of rebellers.


Cell Related Rules

CT10: Guards must open cells by 12:00 or it is considered a free day. (unless overruled by an admin).

CT11: Guards must define hot cells before ordering them, Guards may not order non-hot cells at any time.

CT12: Wardens must allow cell doors to be open for at least 10 seconds.

CT13: At the start of the round Prisoners outside of cells or in vents must be given an opportunity to return/be forgiven. (e.g. “if you are in vent you have till 12:45 to return to your cell.”)

CT14: Camping vents is not allowed. Guards may only enter or shoot at vents to hunt/kill a rebel once the Ts have been moved away to a moderate distance.


Miscellaneous CT Rules

CT15: Guards may not gun plant (This includes “Toy Guns”) - Unless required for a non-map game.

CT16: Guards may not show any favoritism to a prisoner to give them an in-game advantage.

CT17: Guards must have a valid reason for killing a prisoner and must state it if requested

CT18: Wardens may not force Prisoners to snitch out their fellow Prisoner/s.

CT19: Wardens are required to give explanations for any map games, and demo's for non-map  games.

CT20: Unnecessary nazism will result in a swap. (On admin's discretion).

CT21: Warden games such as, Patience day, Holocaust day etc with the sole purpose of heavily reducing the number of T's in a short period of time is NOT ALLOWED. The warden will be slayed and/or temporarily CT-banned.

CT22: The Warden may not involuntarily give a prisoner death as a prize for completing a game

CT:23: The warden may not kill 5 or more prisoners as a prize for another prisoner winning a game



T1: Prisoner/s must follow all orders given by the warden. (Refusing/ Rebelling will result in being KOS).

T2: Prisoner/s who wound a non-baiting guard are considered rebelling and can be KOS'ed

T3: Prisoner/s will automatically become KOS if they enter armoury / gunroom, hold out a primary or shoot a secondary.

T4: Escaping Prisoner/s that have not inflicted damage towards a Guard can be forgiven by the Warden if they choose to.

T5: Prisoner/s may not use slain / baited weapons. (Results in a Slay).

T6: Prisoner/s may not give false orders. (Results in a mute). (e.g Rush race button freeze)

T7: No detours and delays are implied with every order.



S1: Warden must say “Simon Says, Simon Says has started” to start Simon Says. Simon Says does not need a Demo.

S2: Orders are only valid if they are preceded by Simon says (e.g. Simon says rush to this beacon”). If there is a gap of 2 or more seconds between "Simon Says" and the rest of the order, the order is invalid.

S3: Warden is Simon by default. Warden/Simon can pass Simon to other guards by saying "Simon says, GUARD’S NAME is now Simon."

S4: The first order Simon must give is a default position, a new default position counts as a new order. Prisoner/s must return to default after ever order that is not continuous (Continuous order e.g. Button freeze). Default position is reset when Simon is passed. (Default e.g. "Simon says your default is button frozen”).

S5: The default position is the only order that persists after a new Simon Says order.

S6: Simon can only stack three orders in one. 

S7: Simon may only kill during Simon says. This may be overruled by Simon (e.g. "Simon says all CTs can kill").

S8: Simon must say "Simon Says, Simon Says is over" to end Simon Says.



FL1: The default position for First Reaction Last Reaction is button frozen unless stated otherwise by the warden

FL2: Only the warden may kill Prisoners in First Reaction Last Reaction unless stated otherwise by the warden

FL3: You cannot play First Reaction Last Reaction with more than 10 Prisoners

FL4: Pre-movements and False-movements are automatically KOS unless stated otherwise by the warden

FL5: A maximum of three orders may be performed in one order with the use of conjuctions (and, or, then, plus etc.)



LR1: Rules of LR must be stated prior to it beginning and must have a 5 second grace period before commencing the LR. A demo for all custom LR's are mandatory.

LR2: If a custom LR is considered a Dangerous LR the Prisoner MUST perform the LR first.

LR3: If you choose a LR, you are required to make the LR fair for both players, No advantages.

LR4: If you choose an LR you're required to complete the LR even if you don't get the better hand. 

LR5: You may not count down to perform something to do with your LR you must use the in-game clock.


Last request (!lr) options include:

Armagedon - [Its a M249 fight starting with 1000 HP. The more you hit your opponent the more hp you'll gain.]

Dodgeball - [Both players have decoy grenades with 1hp, You will play until either one of the players hits the opponent.]

Deagle Duel - [Both players will have a Deagle, 1 shot per magazine, You will have 100 HP.]

AWP Duel - [Both players will have a AWP, 1 shot per magazine, You will have 100 HP.]

SSG 08 Duel - [Both players will have a Scout, 1 shot per magazine, You will have 100 HP.]

Nade Duel - [Both players will have HE Grenades, You will have unlimited until either team is dead.]

Bazooka Duel - [COMING SOON]

Common Phrases

Crouch Walk - Crouch walking to your destination. (May Differ Depending on Your binds.)

Shift Walk - Walking slowly using your "SHIFT" Key. (May Differ Depending on Your binds.)

Rush - Taking the most direct route, without detours or delays.

Unstack Shoulder to Shoulder - Unstuck with other T's shoulder to shoulder(next to each other.) specified by the Warden. (Minority join Majority IS implied)


Special Days

Shootout - [CT's and T's will have a shootout with weapons that they choose from]

Hide-and-Seek - [T's will hide with a grace period. CT's will actively seek and kill T's]

Night Hide-and-Seek - [T's will hide in the dark with a grace period.while CT's actively seek in the dark]

Furien - [T's will have super speed while the CT's will have to try and kill the T's]

Sparta - [CT's will spawn with shields and a glock, T's will attempt to kill the CT's]

Moor Hunting - [CT's will spawn with scouts while T's will have superjump avoiding the ground as you will start to lose damage.]

Snowballing - [Both teams will spawn with minimal HP. Snowballs will deal 5 damage per hit.]

Important Commands

!rtv - Starts a vote to change the map.

!nominate - Nominates a map that players can then vote on during map change.


!shop - Open the Item store to buy Item's for money. 

!settings - Opens a menu with a variety of settings you may change to fit your preference.

!calladmin - Calls an admin from discord to deal with a certain situation on the server


!knife - Opens up a menu to change your knife type.

!ws - Opens up a menu to change your weapon skins.


CT Commands

!warden / !w - Claims warden.

!voice - Ability to toggle prisoner speaking on / off.

!open - Opens cells.

!w - Once claimed warden opens up the warden menu which has a variety of features and options.

!shop - Opens the CT shop.

Yours Truly,

My Name is Tito
| Killzone Gaming

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My Name is Tito

Rules have just been copied from our last set of rules, not actually fine tuned.

Yours Truly,

My Name is Tito
| Killzone Gaming

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