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Killzone Gaming Bot
RUST IS ON SALE![rust.facepunch.com]

Now through November 2nd Rust is on sale at 33% off across the board!


This includes all the DLC's and the Soundtrack!

CHARITABLE RUST EVENT[rust.facepunch.com]

Just dropping in another reminder that Charitable Rust[www.charitablerust.com] is next month!

Every year Rustafied[www.rustafied.com] hosts a giant charity event. They have servers dedicated to mini games, live streams, Twitch drops, giveaways, and more!

We will also be listing some exclusive skins on the Rust Item Store where the proceeds of these items will go to World Central Kitchen[wck.org].


There will be some exclusive drops for 2 days and some generic drops for the whole week.

Make sure you get synced up at https://twitch.facepunch.com/connect#account to get and claim your drops when the event starts!

If you are a content creator/live streamer and you want to participate in the event you can sign up here[www.charitablerust.com].

Full details to follow when we get closer to the event!

THE GREAT RUST RIVALS WAR[rust.facepunch.com]

Last month we had an epic Twitch Rivals event and Frost has a great high octane and emotional recap of all of it.

Settle in and grab some popcorn.


That end though...

LOW POLY RUST[rust.facepunch.com]

Project Nova[www.projectnova.gg] is breaking the mold again bringing you a unique low poly Rust!


They have a couple different servers to try out on both sides of the globe.

You can join their discord[discord.gg] for more information or check out their website[vip.projectnova.gg]!

HOW TO FIND NORTH[rust.facepunch.com]

This is one for you illuminati tin foil hatters. Raynbirds takes a deep dive into what it means when a gun flops down on the ground in a certain direction.

Seems possibly useful on Hardcore servers that don't have maps if you feel like chucking guns on the ground!


Half life 3 confirmed?

LIFE SIZE WORKBENCH[rust.facepunch.com]

Panpots, in collaboration with MilesdetusFiguras3D, has made an amazing life size T3 Workbench!

This has been a bit of a work in progress and we're amazed at the results. So much talent out there!


BREAKING BASES[rust.facepunch.com]

Listen, there's a few Breaking Bad Rust memes out there but this one has to take the cake.

Jonkari P plz make more


CUT-THROAT CANDYMAN[rust.facepunch.com]

I'm just going to leave this here.


SHOW ME THE STUFF![rust.facepunch.com]

If you made something cool or saw something cool, reach out! Tag me on the Twitterverse or u/ErrnieGerrn Reddit.

Covert art by llennoco22.

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