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[SKILL SURF] Pumpkin Face Music's Moderator Application

Pumpkin Face Music

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Current Steam Name: Pumpkin Face Music
Steam ID: PumpkinFaceMusic
Discord Handle: Pumpkin Face#0001

Age: 21
Gender: Male

Description of myself: (first of all I want to apologise for a lack of playtime in the past 2 weeks or so, I had some real life business that got in the way but i'm all clear now)

Hello, I've been skill surfing for around 6 years now, I used to be a moderator on the well known surf network Nexus Nation before it went under, and in recent time i've been playing on KZG skill surf, mainly on easy 2 as it tends to be the most populated, and I enjoy the social aspect of KZG arguably more than the gameplay.

I want to address also that I have been muted before for 1 day, I made a joke that was just over the line that was in poor taste, I didn't realise it was breaking the rules at the time and was later set straight by moderator friends.

Qualities I can bring to Killzone Gaming: I live in the UK, and during the prime hours for people in my timezone (and the US timezones as it often coincides) there is a problem with moderators and admins being available for responding to situations as they arise. Time and time again I have witness (for lack of a better term) shit-stirrers enter the server just to spout racist rhetoric or annoy people, and nobody has been around to deal with it, and I found myself wishing that I could deal with it myself in the moment. I am not the only one, I am in a discord with a group of the most regular people in my timezone and they share the same concern, so I hope I can aid in this way. (this is not to malign or bash the staff in any way, I don't want it to come across like that). I've been in other moderator positions before so I am aware of the general sense of responsibility and conduct, I moderate a Discord server for a record label/DJ of about 2500 people.

On top of all this I tend to have a lot of free time nowadays, I don't really do anything with myself, so I am pretty much always available.

Contributions I have made towards Killzone Gaming: I have reported players breaking the rules in any sort of way when I encounter it, I have never abused the report feature. Since I know some staff members I have also alerted them to rule breakers when they have been AFK through discord

And although not strictly relevant to the role of moderator, I (as a music producer/DJ) have hosted DJ sets on the server, most often than not at the request of other players.

Play time on the server group I am applying for: 43 hours

Vouching staff member/s: Horse To Be Frank, Synth (just stepped down), Mojave
Vouching player/s: Blakey8360, Sadboy, Dog Of The Church, Elira, Leroy, Elow, KillerSeaPanda, Cavelli, Goose

I have read and met the application requirements for the server group I am applying for: YES
I have read the Community Rules: YES

Are you currently a staff member of another community: YES, Confession Records LLC

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  • Bot

Hi Pumpkin Face Music,

We wish you all the best in your Staff Application!


The Staff Application Process usually takes between 2-3 weeks upon making an application.

- Killzone Gaming Management

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You did not ask me to vouch for you on this application, and I would not have done so even if you had.

While you are usually nice, you are unsuited to any position of power or authority.

On the (external to KZG) Discord server we are both on, you regularly use racial slurs both in text and in voice:


You threatened another member of the group:


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  • Bot


We are sorry to inform you that this application has been denied.

If you have enquiries about the judgement of this application, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of the Senior Staff Team ( one of the following; Head Administrator, Manager, Management).


- Killzone Gaming Management

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