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[AIM] At0m-Peek's Moderator Application


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Current Steam Name: AimBot At0m
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:1568772
Discord Handle: At0m#4703

Age: 16
Gender: Male

Description of myself: 16yo Kiwi fella, been gaming for 6 years played competitively for 3 in numerous games, Currently the only thing keeping me playing cs is retakes absolutely love it with my heart, feel like i am pretty well known around the Retakes community.

Qualities I can bring to Killzone Gaming: when i play CS i only play KZG Retakes and that is the only thing i enjoy, therefore i will be very active member in the squad and will always be ready to help, I will always be there to help the new KZG players whether that's with commands or just general skills, I also always keep an eye out for the toxic/dodgy players that bring down the KZG reputation helping by calling admin.

Contributions I have made towards Killzone Gaming: I love to show continuous support for new players and help with commands and try to answer any of their questions, i also am currently a VIP member for KZG and i am always using the !Calladmin command tohelp against cheaters/Toxic players to make sure that the Servers are always a positive and welcoming place for players of KZG.

Play time on the server group I am applying for: 2 days 01:39:42 hours

Vouching staff member/s: Pain,Jxice
Vouching player/s:  Alex, Namgo,abyss

I have read and met the application requirements for the server group I am applying for: YES
I have read the Community Rules: YES

Are you currently a staff member of another community: NO,

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  • Bot

Hi At0m,

We wish you all the best in your Staff Application!


The Staff Application Process usually takes between 2-3 weeks upon making an application.

- Killzone Gaming Management

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+rep (approved vouch)

Hey At0m! You're a regular on the servers and have called for admin more times than I can count, all being for valid reasons, and in my many experiences with you, you have been nothing but nice towards me and other players. In my opinion there is nothing that stands out as a reason you shouldn't become a part of the team, your contribution to KZG in you purchasing VIP shows your commitment to our servers and you coming to me to ask for a vouch only further demonstrates that you are a responsible and well-suited individual for the extra responsibility within the server.

Best of luck with your application! : )

Yours truly,


- AIM Administrator




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-neutral (leaning towards a +rep)

Hi atom, I have seen in the servers a few times, but do not recall you being very active in text or voice comms during those times? Not sure, maybe my memory is failing me on this occasion. You have alright play time, no bans that I can see, and a few good vouches which should help your application. I can see that you are only active on the retake servers on KZG currently, some play time and interaction in the 1v1, awp, executes and casual competitive servers might help you, as there are certain AIM mods/admins who like to stick to certain server types more than others, so would help you to get to know them better also.

One of the other things I can see (not major really) is while your overall play time is fairly good, your play time per session is fairly low a lot of the time. Not that you need to be playing for hours on end to be accepted, but if you are doing a lot of short 10-20 min sessions, it makes it a lot harder for staff to get server time with you and get to know you and all that jazz, if you play for 20 min and a staff member is only in there for 2 min of that time ya get me?

Best of luck with your application.

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Hey At0m,

Sorry for the time it took myself to get to this application. Unfortunately the Senior Aim Team has decided to DENY this application. We feel you need a bit more time across all of the servers as a majority of the staffing team were unaware of exactly who you were. Please don't let this discourage you, get your play time a look and we'd love to see you apply again in the future.

Due to the time it took to get to this, I'll reduce your next application date to June 1st instead of the usual 3 months.

If you have any queries please feel free to reach out to myself via discord.



"There is only one thing more important than how we spend our time, and that is who we spend it on"

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