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2016 KZG


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One year of kill zone gaming (KZG)

so it's been one year kill zone gaming what a trip it has been tell me you don't agree? new players joining and at this time 4,500 members on the steam group! before I start I would like to thank one person in particular. @Skyprah

I think it's safe to say that without @SkyPrah kill zone gaming wouldn't be here today. Once again tell me you don't think so? now I'm going to tell you about the introduction to kill zone gaming. 

Kill zone gaming was being developed as @SkyPrah learned his way around source mod with a help from a friend which to me is unknown who this "Friend" was. Whoever he is though let's thank him :) SkyPrah started development this time last year making a scout server

he eventually found a player in-game called "Thrasher" @Thrasher would later become an admin and eventually a head-admin until he resigned a while back. Which surprised us all. Since he was known and respected by most throughout the kill zone gaming community. @Thrasher wanted to make a community, SkyPrah didn't really want a community just a server. But he eventually decided to make an easy surf server. Followed by Jailbreak :)

Staying with those 3 servers for quite a few months as he built up a player base which helped him a lot with our first scout server because he built up a solid player base and then jailbreak in April which has gotten a lot of attention since opening. And then all the other servers (Minigames, Casual comp) etc coming later in the years. This year we have also had new Mods/admin/players join our community besides the mods and admins going for the roles because they would be fairly old members.

We also had an Introduction to the Rules which was very well made.

then the introduction of the forum page where people could talk about the servers have some cheeky banter report bugs/glitches/problems and the players Kill zone had an old forum page back when It was first being developed with Mods/admins & a fair few members.

We've had a bumpy but also enjoyable year I would have to say. we've all made new friends. Talked to new people we never thought we would have talked to!

But once again I would like to thank @SkyPrah for establishing kill zone gaming and what It has become since being developed and to all the community.

On Behalf of the Kill zone gaming community we thank everybody for joining and continuing this wonderful adventure! Who knows what will come in 2017!

I hope everybody has had a wonderful New years & had a wonderful Christmas with their family and friends.
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I love it how you thinking about kzg and doing this beautiful thread about kzg i defintly learned something from it.

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