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Who's the better player?


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20 hours ago, SpaceJam2k said:

Who's the better player?

The guy that camps and plays with the gas the whole game and only gets 1 Kill which is at the end to win the game.


The guy that goes around killing a lot of people and then dies to the guy that camped and played with the gas at the end of game and places 2nd.


The better player.

giphy (4).gif

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I tried to read all of the comments but gave up as im busy...

Therefore my comment might overlap others.

Essentially I think the better player is the one who plays smart. You have merely only briefly described the context of these two player's game. Therefore you could be missing certain factors. I can't really give an honest answer but gaming is obviously about your decision making and execution of those decisions. The guy with one kill may have assisted in killing other players or somehow survived without access to a weapon due to poor luck (idk the likelihood of that). On the other hand, he could've lucked out and clutched when he needed to (at the end). Essentially, you're basically asking who is better; the better decision makers or the better at executing decisions. 


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I think we can all agree that these scenarios are completely unrealistic. No one player is going to play completely passively and get 1 kill and no one (good) player is going to play completely aggressively. The question itself is flawed and so are the scenarios. The better play is the player that uses all aspects of the game both passively and aggressively. There is no aggressive player or passive player, there is only a spectrum of players that lie on that scale somewhere. All players are going to be aggressive at some points and passive at others and vice versa. The entire argument for both sides is mute because it's not a realistic scenario. 

If there was a player that was 100% aggressive and went for every kill, chased and risked his life for a kill under all circumstances, never backed down from a fight, even if he has no ammo/guns/armor ect - He's a bad player.

If there was a player that was 100% passive and backed down from every fight and ran even when it made no sense, never went for kills and played in a manner that made him vulnerable - He's a bad player.

Like @skyprah said, he is more of a passive player but he goes offensive at times because he has to, that doesn't make him instantly a worse player than an aggressive player, just means his strategy is different.

Players cannot be broken down into 2 categories and judged based on their aggressiveness and their kills. A lot has to go into deciding whether a player can be good or bad based on things like items, fights they take, their strategy, their aim, their kills, their deaths, their average placement, their actions under pressure, ect. and no one can say you are good or bad based off 1 game, taking into account only your strategy and your kills.

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20 hours ago, censor said:

The person that is better is the one that wins the most. 

everyone has a different playstyle.

kills don't mean anything :D

You keep getting those 0 kill wins then keep telling yourself that

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21 hours ago, SpaceJam2k said:

stormentv as example. if his top 10 matches were no wins and placed 3-8 in all of them and had an average 25 kills a game. 

and then theres a person that comes 1-2 in all games but only has 1-2kills. Who's the better player? obviously in my opinion it would be stormentv.. (my logic)

thoughts? @Thrasher @Acidbubbl @skyprah @panthA @KAYEX

But if you good enough you should be able to kill the last to people... @SpaceJam2k

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5 hours ago, Acidbubbl said:

You keep getting those 0 kill wins then keep telling yourself that

who said i get 0 ;), im the type that runs around and goes for kills 

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I find it interesting, on a psychological level, the responses to this topic! I've been playing since release, and my perspective on this topic is relatively deeper than most. To the new players, playing safe is detrimental to the rate of which you get better at the game. It needs to be broken down into segments to learn the game's steep learning curve, of course.

For example: 

  • Learn the UI.
  • Get a feel for the game.
  • Optimize your settings, and user-options.
  • Learn to survive the landing phase.
  • Learn loot priorities, 
    • Early Game Loot Priorities
    • < 100 Looting Priorities
    • Mid Game Loot Priorities
    • Late Game Loot Priorities
  • Learn general priorities,
    • Landing, now what?
      • Kill?
      • Hide?
      • Kill Players looting dead bodies? (Seagulling)
      • Kill Players who may not have a Helmet, Rifle, Shotgun? (That you've seen land in your proximity)
      • Control an area for maximum loot?
      • Scavenge abandoned areas for left over loot?
    • Helmet, Rifle, Tan Military, Med Kits, now what?
      • Play aggressive? (Chasing Gunshots)
      • Play assertive? (Trying to catch players off guard while passing)
      • Play submissive? (Camp a roof, building, tree, rock, etc. Only shooting stationary targets otherwise lurk in the shadows)
    • Fully established, no what?
      • Camp the gas with the car you've kept at full health
      • Camp the gas with the gear you've worked hard to get.
      • Roam the edges of the gas with a vehicle, picking off gas runners/campers
      • Roam the middle picking off others fighting.
      • Lurk in the middle, killing only stationary targets, otherwise trying to go unseen.
      • Fighting for the Air-drops
    • Top 10, now what?
      • As above
    • Top 5, now what?
      • Stay confident, you've made it this far, so you should be competent to kill the rest? (Aggressive)
      • Stay passive, as you don't want to be caught out, pinched or made a mistake. (Assertive)
      • Stay hidden, only picking off still targets, and only fighting when forced to engage. (Submissive)

There are so many methods that work for each individual. Though the meta is firm, and static, those who break the meta still compete as effectively.

Current Meta:

  • Land in a hot spot
  • Find a Gun (Main Priority)
    • Kill any immediate targets
    • Try to focus anyone going for a car (Important to the Meta!)
  • Find a helmet (Second Priority)
    • Kill any targets surrounding your proximity
  • Clear the area
  • Loot the dead.
  • If necessary, loot essentials from the area
    • ONLY Med Kits
      • 1 is enough
      • 2 is desirable
    • ONLY Bags
      • Tan Military (Priority)
    • ONLY Helmets
      • 2, or more
    • ONLY Shotguns
      • 3 ammo cache's
    • ONLY AR-15's
      • 150~ ammo
  • Take your Vehicle to the next hot spot, and breach and clear all enemies.
    • Loot only Armor components
    • Loot only Med Kits
    • Loot Ammo
      • No more than 200 AR-15 Ammo
      • No more than ~30 Shotgun Ammo
    • Loot any Helmets stock-up
    • Loot any Projectiles (Stuns excluded)
  • Chase all Gunshots, to finish off others fighting.
    • If 2-tap, check for Laminated Body Armors
    • If 4-tap or not headshot, continue...
  • If area starts to become quiet (all scenarios include a vehicle)
    • Drive along the gas, boosting, catching players running/camping the gas (Bait shots)
    • Control a the safe-zone city, driving around it (baiting shots).
    • Control the center of all safe-zones (baiting shots).
    • Control Air-Drops, fighting everyone who contests.
  • Top 10
    • Be the loudest, get shot at. Take all fights.
    • Replace your vehicle with any that is healthier.
  • Top 5
    • As above
  • Winner

But here's the thing. The player following the meta, can be sent back to the lobby because he still has a 2 tappable head, a 4 tappable body, 5 with a make-shift, 6 with a laminated. They are still killable. The skill gap in this game only relies on the best killing the worst. Everyone in between has an even chance, the difference is confidence, decisions, execution. Yes, accuracy and skill does give a player a better chance, but the chance is diminished if 2 shots connect to the head. 

In terms of the H1Z1 community:

Everyone is boasting about high-kill 'wins'.             <------ 'wins'.

Everyone is complaining about high-kill 'loses'.

Everyone is disrespecting low-kill royalties, winners.

But I feel like this is because the best of the best are trying to shape the community standards. People don't like Seagullers, people don't like roof campers, people don't like gas campers. But at the end of the day, they are a part of this game. 

However, the fact of the matter is. 

If you are a gas camper, hiding to the end. You score will be limited to scores of:

  • 0 Kills
  • 1 kill
  • 2 kills
  • 3 kills
  • 4 kills
  • 5 kills (if you're confident)
  • 6 kills (if you're confident)
  • 7 kills (if you're skilled)
  • 8 kills (if you're skilled)
  • 9+ kills (if you're lucky)

Expectations of this kind of player would have a top 10 that looks like this: (a few examples)

4 kills win || 3 kills win || 2 kills win || 2 kills win || 2 kills win || 2 kills win || 2 kills win || 1 kill win || 1 kill win || 0 kill win

6 kills win || 5 kills win || 3 kills win || 2 kills win || 2 kills win || 2 kills win || 1 kills win || 1 kill win || 1 kill win || 1 kill win

9 kills win || 4 kills win || 4 kills win || 3 kills win || 2 kills win || 2 kills win || 1 kills win || 1 kill win || 1 kill win || 1 kill win

The only way you can then, get better scores, is by winning with more kills.

There for, once you get to this point in the game. More kills = better skill.


If you're still progressing, don't focusing on being the best. Focus on being your best. You'll then learn what you have to do to get better.

But the biggest advice anyone can give to a new player who's passed the learning curve of the game is this:

Take every fight you can. Killing is the ultimate deciding factor to your victory. No point making it to the end, if you lack the confidence or skill to kill the final few murderers. 


This entire conversation changes, drastically, when you look at the pros playing in the huge events. All these high-kill murderers camp. ONLY catching others out for their mistakes. The best then, is who plays the best... not kills the most.


Interesting topic. I hope you find my post a good read.

@skyprah @censor @KAYEX @panthA @Acidbubbl @THRASHER @SpaceJam2k @Ironstrike @TrumperyPear @Sorrow @Harik @Harry @Ec1ipse @Sirtron

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h1 is ezpz lmfao yall must have like no fingers or something

im the better player.



                                                            WHERE THERE ARE CATS, THERE ARE NO RATS



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