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JailBreak application. Mod (enjoy reading)

(UCU) MadeInChina

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'MadeInChina' wrote:
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:96292932

Steam Name: China
What Server are you applying for?: The one and only infamous Jail-Break. 

Age: 13

Two People Who would vouch for you

Describe my Self 
A fun, active member. That is mature, That can handle the situations well! Who can Communicate with the community, always on jailbreak/CS-GO or team speak now days. Always looking for a good chat with someone.  That is loved by the community, That likes to Invite the new players into our warm loving community we got going. Like to teach/help out anyone with the stuff they got going on. Can take the heavy memes, Love's saying hello to all the Exciting players
Help out the wardens with *example* (How to place a beacon). That's About it guy's that describes me :D !!  

Why Do you deserve this rank over the other applicants:

This is Some of the stuff why i deserve it! 

I am a hard working active member that is looking to build my management skills, That has got a lively attitude that can make the server a fun, happy, interesting and enjoyable place to have fun and chill. I'm able to work around young, older and mature audiences, that would take the right action when is needed. I will not abuse the responsibility given to me, I will keep the server clean of any Abusers (trash talkers, Microphone spam, augments/fights etc) I can teach New players need to know rule's guide them in the right direction that make there stay in the KZG community a much more happier place. I can bring a kind happy face to the community support the players in need. I can handle the situations well and in a professional matter! I can communicate well with all the player's in the community including admins. I'v devoted a lot of hours into Killzonegaming, And i can see my self putting alot more hours in as i can also see my self on these servers for a long time, 

I have read the application requirements: 

Enjoying reading 
Yours Chin

From my experiences from being in teamspeak with China for a few weeks, it seems he would always go out of his own way to do something for others. 

From my experience of playing jailbreak (not that long) I have seen that the staff team do need someone like China who is well educated in various situations.

If I asked China to name all the rules of by heart I would bet $100 he could do it. He constantly reminds players of the rules and ensures the players are fair and just. 

For all these reasons above I believe if China does not get staff it would be a HUGE let down to the jail break community
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+Rep china is a mature teen who I believe is suited for a role as moderator, but he is boosted.
China in my opinion should be a well respected and fun moderator.

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It has been a good month since I last replied on this application, he is still very dedicated to the server and active all the time. as a moderator he would do all that is required of him, he is very knowledgeable and understands the rules very well. I do honestly feel that he deserves a chance as a trial moderator, it will give him a chance to prove himself as someone that is in charge and capable of leading the server.


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Appreciate all the support through this Journey. When i look at my self now and then before i can see how much i have improved my attitude and maturity. Love everyone that's helped me out and supported me along the way.
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Sammy, Stop shitty posting. You +1 everyone's app without actually talking to them, yeah sure i have talked to you. but yet you +1 my app twice. Please take a look at people before you +1 them.
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+rep China was quite in mature when i started playing KZG and i know admins have told him that he needs to be more "Mature" but i believe china is changing and becoming more mature each day, as you need to be really mature for mod/admin on jailbreak since there is so many rules and other things. I think china would make a great mod on jailbreak as he knows the community well and he is respected by them and he knows the rules of jailbreak.
Good Luck China ;)

- Ec1ipse

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Neutral, Yes you act mature for your age at times, But at any time you explode. You also need to learn if you talk shit your going to have shit talked about you and instead of talking to them about it you run and hide behind other people and bitch.

Well just remember this, Everyday is a gift that can be taken away by anyone or anything so treasure it!
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Look dude Squirtle I'm Asking you to Go away You're a complete hypocrite. I'm not going to argue with you here it's just Dumb. Don't bring Someone that doesn't relate to the topic here.

PS I never hid behind @skyPRAh I was there before you came on.

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