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Rant about server rates


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Big Fat Rant 

My game keeps spiking and choking so I want to rant hardcore about this shit

  • .5 Mbps – rate 62500
  • 1.0 Mbps – rate 125000
  • 1.5 Mbps – rate 187500
  • 1.57 Mbps – rate 196608 (New Default)
  • 2.0 Mbps – rate 250000
  • 2.5 Mbps – rate 312500
  • 3.0 Mbps – rate 375000
  • 3.5 Mbps – rate 437500
  • 4.0 Mbps – rate 500000
  • 4.5 Mbps – rate 562500
  • 5.0 Mbps – rate 625000
  • 5.5 Mbps – rate 687500
  • 6.0 Mbps – rate 750000
  • 6.2 Mbps – rate 786432 (New Max)

MB/s = Megabytes per second, Mbps = Megabits per second, 1MB = 8Mbps 

Essentially the new locked server rate is 128000, which was meant for 128 tick however that was updated almost 2 years ago. rate 128000 is only meant for internet speeds in between 1 - 1.5 megabits per second or 1 megabyte per second internet speeds, which again is less than a megabyte per second.

Why does rate affect your game?

- because it allows more traffic from the server to your system, if you just use the default or the new default you are limiting yourself if you otherwise could receive more data. If your download speed is more than 6Mbps you should be using the new max rate hands down.  But if you have a shitty connection to the server, trying to use a higher rate will basically result in you strangling yourself causing choke & ping to skyrocket.

- The main reason that Valve implemented these rates were to improve the general networking of the game.

- I know that alot of Australian ISPs already exceed +1 MB/s download speed (over the maximum rate) , therefore its limiting not only New Zealand players, but Australian aswell.  Which is why I want the locked 128000 rate to be removed, so it allows for players to set their rates accordingly to their internet speeds and not be forced to one particular rate causing lag, chokes and spikes etc. 

The 64000 rate on the surf server is even worse.

- Test your speed download/upload speeds here 


rep if u wan good server and no lag so wen u die by u kil sumone and they lag then u smas da table rip good table

- i7K 








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+1 because i maxed out at 940mbps internet speed and im bad at csgo so need every advantage possible to be less silver at the game.

But i would say lets ask @skyprah what the whole deal is here first because he will be able to give insight onto the matter that we dont know about.

  • Juicy 1
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As long as a higher rate is not locked in and server will be fine with it, I see no issues however as someone with notoriously bad internet, a locked higher rate would mean a massive RIP to me. 



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27 minutes ago, Winged_Raven said:

As long as a higher rate is not locked in and server will be fine with it, I see no issues however as someone with notoriously bad internet, a locked higher rate would mean a massive RIP to me. 

I think what he means is that at 128 tick it is locked to 128000 so you cant put it up if you wanted. But you can still set your rate to be lower than what the lock rate is.

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What I’m expressing is that the server rate default is 128000 (can be changed to a rate value above) so it allows each individual player to set their rates independently/accordingly to their down/up connection speeds.

This lock is not used in official matchmaking and casual servers.

Locking a higher rate wasn’t my point at all which is why I pointed out that many ISPs have different speeds. It justs allows for freedom.

Putting your rates under 128000 will result in more severe problems.

128 tick can send more information from the server to your computer if your rate is even higher than the preset rate value (128000)

128 tick will still function if the rate isn’t 128000 but a value above it.

Edited by i7K
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My current rate on casual comp "# 2518 4 "panthA." STEAM_1:0:101188163 00:13 39 0 active 786432"

Not sure what you mean. If you're talking about the 128 tick rate, that's the amount of times the server communicates to you and 128 is the current community accepted rate. Your client side rate is the amount you set in console (eg. 128000 or in my case 786432) which is the amount of times you communicate to the server. 

Neither are locked afaik?

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I believe that you can change your rates freely due to your high ranking.

This lock may be only restricted to lower-ranked admins and players as the majority of the people I have questioned have this problem.

And yes I am referring to the client side rate being locked at 128000.

Edited by i7K
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