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Hello everyone,

I truly appreciate everyone take their time off to read this forms.

Before entering the topic, pug competitive has been going around in CS:GO community lately, players begin to play pug instead of MM or faceit. As we know Froidgaming is one of the huge community of hosting pug server in South East Asia even though of having a lot of server, most of the time players still unable to play due to server is full.

( This is what I have been observe )

I'm here suggesting Killzone.gg to host couple of pug server.  Firstly, we need players for the server otherwise it will be just a empty dead server, regarding this. Killzone is quite a big community especially in SEA and AU and I believe the news will be spread around fast enough. 

Comment down below about your opinion and thought 

Thanks for reading the forms and have a great day ?




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Hi Kaxxzy,

i believe this is a cool idea, lets see what the community have to say about it.


Management Team

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+1 would play if this was available 

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+rep just saw this and yea would be a great implementation

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