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  5. skyprah

    Bring back the AWP server

    I finished off the basics last night. The server is online and can be played/tested. Any feedback or suggestions are appreciated. ♚ KZG | AWP 24/7 • Ranks • Skins ♚ https://cs2browser.com/gameserver/85028/kzg-awp-24-7-ranks-skins/ Console connect: connect Browser connect: steam://connect/
  6. Kora

    Bring back the AWP server

    I agree. This is currently a work in progress however as of the moment it isn't able to be the same server as before. This is due to the lack of plugins that have been released for CS2 which means is it near impossible (as of yet) to replicate the server. Trust that there is progress being made into getting the server up and running however this is still going to be a WIP. Hold on to faith ladies x
  7. wockfart43

    Bring back the AWP server

    bit late but I agree kzg awp was so fkn fun and also wtf happened to surf servers
  8. ruthles_kila

    hi guys

    hey ladies
  9. Sexy Smexy

    hi guys

    hey guys
  10. Current Steam Name: spirit Steam ID: STEAM_76561198863711966 Discord Handle: topimpabutterfly_ #3176 Age: 17 Gender: Male Description of myself: I like csgo surf, and am pretty good at it :) Contributions I have made towards Killzone Gaming: Donated before, will try to donate more in the future Play time on Killzone Gaming: 1 Day 20 Hours I have read the Community Rules: YES I have read and met the application requirements for the server group I am applying for: YES
  11. Pyrowaste

    Are use fixing the server lag on surf

    Are use working to fix it or has it been preety much ended because I came back on after a bit and cs2 surf is atrocious and by now you would think it could support more then 10 people but obviously not. And are yous working to make the usually “beginner” surf snd 2 easy surfs and what not. Just a tad curious. Appreciate a reply cheers
  12. CS2 has been out for a while now. I miss the 24/7 AWP server (aus) more than anything in gaming and have since the new game came out. The community behind the server playing every day is still there. Please KZG, bring back the AWP server xx.
  13. novackss


    surely cs2 didnt kill the kzg playerbase
  14. novackss


    where is the server?!?!??!?!?!?!??!!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!!
  15. Duzzah


    @KZG Bot @KZG Bump
  16. Roux


    are yall bringing the 1v1 server to cs2 it was always popping in go and i miss it
  17. CoreyHendo

    CS2 Surf Bug - surf_nyx

    1. On surf_nyx, going through portal trigger (up the stairs from reset position), and then backwards through the portal again, triggers a completed run. This means you can reset (yellow coloured time), then go to spectate mode, and then choose team. You then spawn at the top of the stairs and can get a 3 second completed run. If this is fixed, records should be reset. 2. Also, when typing !top to print the top records to the console, it repeats it 6 times.
  18. as title says, not sure where to message or post so that issue is resolved.
  19. Naga


    No wayyy Tinky fuckn winky, OG's are making a comeback xD
  20. ruthles_kila

    bhop is taking over

    @everyone bhop is in fact taking over!
  21. toehunter

    bhop is taking over

    let em know
  22. ruthles_kila


  23. ruthles_kila

    looking for fozz

    we found em!
  24. ruthles_kila

    Bhop map suggestions!

    will look into this!
  25. ruthles_kila

    BHOP Ranks Fix

    will be looking into the ranking system later, at the moment the server being up is priority.
  26. ruthles_kila

    The bhop server needs some major changes.

    +Rep, maybe look at putting an Admin App in, you never know .
  27. ruthles_kila

    bhop_ez_raceloop_csgo 2nd BHOP Map by Zerotech

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