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Community Server Rules:

General Rules:
  1. Any form of hacking/cheating is not allowed.
  2. Any form of scripting/macroing is not allowed.
  3. Abuse towards other players is not tolerated . This includes any form of toxicity/hate speech/discrimination.
  4. Any form of chat/mic spam is not allowed.
  5. Advertisement of any form is not allowed. With the only exceptions being KZG, Twitch and/or YouTube links.
  6. The use of voice changers or stupid accents is not allowed.
  7. English is the only language to be spoken over voice chat. (Singapore servers are exempt)
  8. Music can not be played without a successful music vote being passed.
  9. Exploitation or abuse of any plugins, maps, server/game features is strictly forbidden.
  10. Ghosting is not allowed on any competitive servers.
  11. Attempting to evade losing points or gaining points maliciously on any competitive servers will result in a suspension and possible reset of points.
  12. DDoSing any Killzone Gaming servers or users will result in removal and possible legal action (this includes DDoS threats). 
  13. Any form of DOXing (including self-DOXing) is strictly condemned and will result in removal. 
  14. Any form of impersonation is not allowed.
  15. Any form of false accusations are not allowed (this includes false reports).
  16. Hackusations of any form are not allowed. To report a player, use the !calladmin feature.
  17. Delaying in any time-sensitive server is not allowed.
  18. Team stacking on any team-based server is not allowed.
  19. Any form of trolling/baiting/griefing is not allowed. This includes trying to nitpick/find a loophole for the rules. 
  20. Punishment evading will result in an extension of the original punishment and can result in a permanent ban.
  21. You agree to Killzone Gaming’s Terms Of Service - https://kzg.gg/forum/terms

Server Specific Rules:


  1. Any form of flanking is not allowed. Repeat offences will result in a suspension. Click me for the flanking guidelines.
  2. CTs have to attempt to play the objective (defuse the bomb in time) in all rounds, no matter the circumstance. (Retakes)
  3. Any form of lag switching/spiking/excessive lagging that disrupts the competitive nature of the servers is not allowed (including unintentional attempts).
Combat Surf

  1. Teleport camping (telecamping) is not allowed.
  2. Elevator camping is not allowed.
  3. Jail camping is not allowed.
  4. Having multiple accounts in the Top 10 of the server is not allowed.
Skill Surf

  1. Any form of cheating is not allowed. This includes unintended shortcuts, boosting/boosted accounts, strafe cheats, etc.
  2. To see the complete list of rules for Skill Surf, click me.

  1. Any form of FFA is not allowed, this includes Mass FFA.
  2. Equipment abuse/exploitation is not allowed.


  • No hoarding vehicles on this server. 
  • 1 vehicle per person. 
  • Squads of 4 or more, must only have MAXIMUM OF 4 VEHICLES. 
  • Penalty for hoarding vehicles, will result in ALL your vehicles being despawned, so you will have to walk the map yourself again to find a vehicle.

There are a minimum of 65 vehicles on this server, and we like to be able to have spare vehicles around the map for newcomers to the server to find.

Raiding Rules
  • If you raid a base, do it in a clean manner. You must ONLY fill ONE car's worth of goods. DO NOT despawn items from chests. So choose what you want to take wisely.
  • NO other vehicles must be present during a raid, so ONLY take one vehicle, and/or keep ALL other vehicles away from the area.
  • NO returning to the raid area once you have CAREFULLY looted the limit of one full vehicles worth.

Sticking to these raid rules, helps the server. Thus, not making solo players feel like leaving after a raid, from having everything destroyed and taken or despawned.

ZERG Style Squads

NO ZERG STYLE RAIDING ON THIS SERVER. YOU WILL BE BANNED. If we suspect any form of Zerg Style Squads forming on the Killzone.gg Scum server, you, and your whole squad will be kicked and / or banned from this server immediately. 


  1. Ghosting - Disclosing information about an alive player that will give other users a competitive advantage (e.g. position, health, utility, gun, etc.).
  2. DDoSing - A Distributed Denial of Service attack is any attempt to crash/lag a server It is criminalised by s.477.3 of the Criminal Code.
  3. DOXing - Revealing any form of private/personal information, examples include, but are not limited to: addresses, phone numbers, IP addresses, full names, social networking accounts.
  4. Hackusations - Accusing another player of using external assistance.
  5. Delaying - The act of prolonging a round or “running down the clock” through not engaging in the gamemode or being inactive/AFK.
  6. Team stacking - The act of unbalancing teams or “stacking” a certain team.
  7. Punishment evading - When a punished user bypasses their punishment through any means. Any player found knowing about/assisting punishment evading will be given the same punishment.
  8. Flanking - Deviating from the fastest possible route provided by the retake/execute to the objective as an attacker, or leaving the general set spawn vicinity to come from behind or an unexpected angle as a defender.
  9. Telecamping - The act of killing a player within 2 seconds of them exiting any teleporter on the map. This doesn't apply if you enter the teleporter after the player you wish to shoot at, or if they shoot at you after exiting a teleporter.
  10. Elevator camping - The act of waiting by an elevator to kill players using them.
  11. Jail camping - The act of remaining in the confines of jail. Players must actively attempt to leave jail.



About Us

Killzone Gaming (KZG) is an ANZ CS:GO Community. KZG host’s a wide variety of game servers for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Mordhau, Minecraft and SCUM Game Servers. These servers are hosted in Australia and Singapore which are used by thousands of gamers daily. Over the past year KZG has had over 1.5 million unique players who have played and enjoyed our free to play Community Servers. KZG is constantly expanding and providing its community with unique and quality content.


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