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[JUMP] Space's Moderator Application

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Current Steam Name: Space
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:26163752
Discord Handle: Space#8575

Age: 25
Gender: Male

Description of myself: A kind, down to earth guy from Australia Melbourne.

Qualities I can bring to Killzone Gaming: I am mature, and if given moderator/admin I would use my powers only to benefit Killzone Gaming. Ect. Muting players/banning (if necessary). I do not fool around or get power hungry. (randomly kick/ban)

Contributions I have made towards Killzone Gaming: I have made people very welcome to Killzone Gaming Bunnyhop server. I have given them advice on how to Bunnyhop better, and greeted them when they play as well.

Play time on the server group I am applying for: 114.9 hours (been playing for months off and on)

Vouching staff member/s: 
Vouching player/s: 

I have read and met the application requirements for the server group I am applying for: YES
I have read the Community Rules: YES

Are you currently a staff member of another community: NO,

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Killzone Gaming Bot

Hi Space,

We wish you all the best in your Staff Application!


The Staff Application Process usually takes between 2-3 weeks upon making an application.

- Killzone Gaming Management

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❥ colour

+REPPPPPPPPPPP been teaching him 'how to bhop' for a while hes my student but im betterrr gurrrr



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Haha thanks colour ♥

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