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Skill Surf Rules


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Skill surf rules
Breaking any of these rules will result in a punishment.

If you see another player breaking the rules please use !calladmin to report the player, alternatively you could always make a support ticket on discord with any evidence you have of the incident (clips, audio, screenshots) and we can issue a punishment from there as well.

1 - Spam is not allowed in any form (micspam, chatspam, ect..)
2 - Abuse towards staff or players is not allowed
3 - DDOS/Dox threats aren't allowed and will be punished harshly (this includes jokes) (Self-doxing comes under this rule as well)
4 - Playing music without a staff members approval (musicvote) is not allowed
5 - Evading any punishment will result in a longer punishment on all accounts
6 - Public accusations and any form of defaming will be punished accordingly - jokes included
7 - Advertising is not allowed, unless it is Discord, Twitch or Youtube, this does not include any anti-kzg subject related
8 - Voice-changers and any form of non-natural voice is not wanted and will be punished accordingly
9 - English is the only language to be spoken
10 - Impersonating staff in any way is not allowed
11 - Racism/derogatory terms/stereotyping/pedophilic statements are not allowed
12 - Any form of cheating is not allowed. This includes unintended shortcuts, boosting/boosted accounts, strafe cheats, etc.
13 - Using an alt account/s to monopolize a maps leaderboard is not allowed and will result in your alt's times being deleted - Retaking the times after the time has been deleted will result in punishments for your alt and/or main account.


Skill surf Manager 
Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/JDqt72/
Discord: Jd#1037
 Skill surf rules (click me) 


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