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Remove road_to_hell from beginner server map rotation


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It isn't a beginner map, it isn't even an easy map, this shit is HARD. I am pretty experienced with surfing and am by no means a beginner at it and I can't even get past the 2nd fucking stage in that map. What cooked unit was in charge of picking the maps for the beginner server because there have been so many maps I've come across on the server that aren't beginner maps in any way, shape, or form. The same goes for the easy server, there's so many maps on that that aren't easy at all but are in the map rotation for some reason. 

The map rotation on both servers needs a serious revision because they aint fuckin right. Obviously they were picked by someone who is very experienced with surfing so no fucking shit are they going to find the maps easy, but the maps are meant to be easy for EVERYONE not just experienced surfers, and on the beginner server every single map should be relatively easy to complete even for people who have just started surfing (y'know, BEGINNERS) yet I come across maps on the beginner server that are hard even for me (someone who is by no means a beginner) all of the time, how does that make sense?

It seems to me like close to zero thought was put into picking the maps for these servers because a lot of the maps on the 'Easy' server sure as fuck aren't easy and a lot of the maps on the 'beginner' server are close to impossible for actual beginners. It'd make more sense to re-name the beginner server as 'easy' and rename the easy server as 'medium' or something. The 'beginner' server should be like what the 'noob' server currently is and the noob server should be removed. If you hadn't realized, 'noob' & 'beginner' mean the exact same thing, a 'noob' is literally a beginner, so why there's two different servers for the same people is beyond me.

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Beginner is the term for it since its a tier 1 only server. Most if not all tier 1s are on that server, easy surf is tier 1 and 2, and considering tier 8/9 is the 'best' tier, tier 1/2 isn't that 'hard'. Any maps on any server other than noob are on their own respective servers due to the tier of the map, not is this difficult for a new player. With that in mind there is no need to discuss this topic further.

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