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I have a problem with My Name Is Tito


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The title reads true, I do indeed have a problem with @My Name is Tito

I mean fuck if this cunt messages me one more time while I'm in my intense gaming session I'll fucking scramble the dog, I mean fuck and its never about something interesting and its definitely never close to anything intellectual, so why can't he just message someone else, e.g his best mate @Nyalon, his daddy @Krypt. or some random cunt in the server. He always messages me, and its hard because his sentences are incoherent, so when normality goes anywhere close to the guy it just tears an irreparable rift in time and space, you know the metaverse or some shit. This week the nutjob even cleaned his pc with baby wipes, his shit bricked the next day like the fuck are you smoking bro, pauly falzoni couldn't find a dumber malaka employee if he tried!

Its getting long, just wanted to say Fuck you @My Name is Tito



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