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Helping Killzone Gaming Grow!

My Name is Tito

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My Name is Tito

Hey Team!!!

Over the past week the Management Team has done changes around the community a bit on our Community Discord and a lot behind the scenes (which will be announced at a later date).

Killzone Gaming has recently been doing a push to get more known than it already is today and expand our horizon in to bigger and better things alongside improving the user experience and features that we already have within the community today. Over the coming months you will see some of these implementations come to fruition!

So how can you help Killzone Gaming?

There is multiple ways you can help Killzone Gaming grow bigger and better than it is today! From seeding empty / low pop game servers, all the way to inviting new members to our discord and being more welcoming and increasing the use on the discord!

What is seeding?

Seeding is attempting to grow its a server population to a sustainable rate.

So if you see one of our servers low on players get a couple of your friends to hang out and play on the server with the lower amount of people on it instead of going to the server with a lot of players! This may seem stink but it actually helps Killzone Gaming grow because most people sort servers via player and will just click the server with the most people on it rather than joining a server with less players, this is mostly noticed on our AIM servers.

How can I help grow the Discord?

You can help the Discord grow by actively using it, inviting friends and fellow gamers. Alongside, bringing more engagement to the platform or even flicking us a /bump in the #cmd_chat channel and voting our server on the sites that we are actively promoting the discord on (see below).

https://discord.st/ | https://discordhome.com/ | https://dyno.gg/ | https://top.gg/ | https://disboard.org/


That is all from me today, if you have any ideas or anything you want to bring up to the Management Team feel free to DM on Discord -> "My Name is Tito#8244"

Yours Truly,

My Name is Tito
| Killzone Gaming

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