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[RUST Updates] The Lumberjack


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LUMBERJACK PACK[rust.facepunch.com]

This month we're introducing a new addition to Rust's permanent store, the Lumberjack Pack. The Lumberjack Pack contains five items, four tools and one hazmat reskin.

Lumberjack suit

The Lumberjack suit is a hazmat replacement skin that can be applied while crafting the hazmat or skinned using the repair table. The Lumberjack suit offers no in-game bonuses.



The Lumberjack additionally comes with four craftable tools. The concrete tools are reskinned versions of the stone tools, and the prototype tools share the same stats as the metal tools.


The Lumberjack pack is available now from the Steam store and in-game store.

FURNACE UI IMPROVEMENTS[rust.facepunch.com]

Following feedback from last month's Furnace UI revamp, I made the following changes:
  • All slots now cook at the same time.
  • Added progress bar when smelting items
  • New burning icon for items


I also fixed a number of issues relating to ores dropping out of furnaces when overfilling.

Splitting ores stacks between input slots will still not increase production rates.

SERVER LISTING UI UPDATE[rust.facepunch.com]

As a part of a large long term menu UI revamp I have made several improvements to the server listing UI this month. Here are the most note worthy changes:
  • Added regions server tags.
  • Update tag search behavior to find servers with all of the selected tags instead of any of them.
  • Add a button to clear filters to the server browser.


Additionally, I reimplemented dropdown menus in the options menu. This should make life easier than clicking endlessly to find certain options such as screen resolution.


CAMPFIRE AND EFFECTS[rust.facepunch.com]

The campfire is one of Rust's oldest models, dating back to pre-2015. It was time for an update to reflect Rust 2022. Issac has worked his magic and updated the model which can be seen below.


Along with the new model comes new visual effects courtesy of Petur.


Petur has updated the effects on the campfire, large furnace, furnace and cauldron. These updated effects not only look better but also offer better performance.

QUALITY OF LIFE CHANGES[rust.facepunch.com]

Train Offloading LGF
Train fuel wagons now contain more low grade fuel

Debris Building Blocker
Debris building blocker now immune to explosive damage

Not focused FPS Limit
Added an option to cap framerate to 15FPS when not focused

Radio Ga Ga
Radio stations can now be updated without releasing client/server updates

Train Bell
Hitting the bell on the train now goes "ding ding"

HARDCORE TECHTREE TAX[rust.facepunch.com]

We received a lot of feedback surrounding the Workbench Techtree on hardcore since its launch last month, many wanting it removed completely from this game mode. While weighing options we've decided to explore a tech tree tax. Unlocking items directly from the Workbench Techtree will now cost additional scrap,
  • Tier 1 - 20%
  • Tier 2 - 40%
  • Tier 3 - 60%
The research cost from using the research bench remains unchanged.



Following last months storage changes we have now increased car storage module size from 18 to 48. Camper storage 12 to 18 and Saddle bags 6 to 12.

EAC AND PROTON[rust.facepunch.com]

We're aware the server performance has degraded since the release of EAC EOS update on September 30th, we're actively working with EAC to remedy these issues. Server owners can expect hotfixes over the coming days and weeks.

Proton Support

You know, we switched to EAC's new platform with the intention of providing support for the Steam Deck, and so far we haven't done that. So when is it coming?

Well, short answer is we don't know. We don't know if it is. When we discontinued linux support in 2019, one of the core reasons was how the cheating community was exploiting the Linux platform. That's not to say that cheating was super widespread on Linux, but it was safer for cheat developers. And that's not good in a game like Rust where a cheater can ruin weeks of hard work.

Enabling proton support would mean we're asking the EAC team to provide support for a whole other platform, which we fear would reduce their ability to support Windows - our main platform. We don't know whether we should enable one platform at the disadvantage of another.

The one thing we don't want to do is to enable Proton support to only discontinue it six months later. We don't want to encourage players to spend their money on a Deck to play Rust and then be in a position where we want to take that ability away.

For now, we're still weighing up the risks and will continue to explore options with EAC. Don't expect to see Proton support in the near future, but we hope to have it enabled someday.

TWITCH DROPS - STREAMERLAND[rust.facepunch.com]

Starting from today till Oct 12th 23:59UTC Agustabell[www.twitch.tv] and several of the biggest names in the Spanish streamer community will be participating in a 7-day event! Twitch drops[twitch.facepunch.com] are enabled for selected Spanish Twitch streamers. You can earn special and unique skins simply by watching your favourite Spanish Rust Twitch streamers.


Learn more at http://twitch.facepunch.com/.

SPOOKY UPDATE[rust.facepunch.com]

On October 20th at 19:00 BST / 14:00 EST we'll be releasing a mandatory server and client update to enable some new spooky features!

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