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The Drone is a new player-controlled craftable deployable, operated from the Computer Station. Easily damaged from impacts. Can be picked up and deployed just about anywhere - but it doesn't have the best signal, so you'll need to control it using nearby Computer Station.


The Drone can be unlocked from the tier 2 workbench tech tree.

RF DETONATED C4[rust.facepunch.com]

C4 can now be remotely detonated via RF.

Select the item and click enable RF, then set a frequency. An RF Broadcaster or detonator can then be set to the same frequency and as soon as the C4 detects the signal, BOOM. Please note that C4 deployed outside of your building privilege zone will decay after 24 hours. Also, anyone can pick it up (with a 5 second delay) so keep a look out when using it during raids. Use it to set traps in your own base or for controlled demolition of someone else's. There has never been a better time to bankrupt a clan!


PTZ SECURITY CAMERA[rust.facepunch.com]

A new player-craftable CCTV Camera system can be used for real-time surveillance and security when paired with the Computer Station. This camera has pan, tilt, and zoom capability and must be placed on a ceiling.


All cameras now require 3 power instead of 5.

The PTZ camera can be unlocked from the workbench level 2 tech tree.


Autoturrets can now be configured to be pairable with a Computer Station. While the autoturret is turned off, there is a new menu to set the ID which you can then add in your Computer Station.


When connected to an autoturret from a Computer Station you will take control of it so you can look around and even shoot at things. However, the camera on the autoturrets don't have a great view of far away objects.

The autoturret cannot be controlled whilst in peacekeeper mode.

CCTV IN RUST+ [ALPHA][rust.facepunch.com]

Something that has constantly been requested in Rust+ is the ability to view cameras. I've tried a few different solutions to get that working but had nothing that worked good enough until recently. You'll now be able to add cameras from a paired server in Rust+ and view them from your phone!

This is an alpha release of the feature. I'll be working on improvements over time but, if there are any issues found, it may be disabled or limited to preserve server stability. Server owners can control this feature using the 'camerarenderer' set of convars.

Video Example Here[files.facepunch.com]

The signal from your cameras has got to travel a long way to get to your phone so everything is low quality but you should be able to make out most things in the world.

All of the new, controllable cameras can also be used from Rust+!

You will need to make sure you have the very latest version of Rust+[rust.facepunch.com] from the App Store or Google Play. You will need Rust+ native version 0.0.29 as seen in the Rust+ settings. This version of the app is currently in the process of being released so you may need to wait a bit if no updates are available on your device yet.


It was great to see the response to the Industrial Update last month, particularly the bases filled to the brim with pipes! As well as some general bug fixes and performance improvements, we’ve made some QOL improvements this month to help with some of the more common complaints. As always we’ll be improving this further in the future so please keep the feedback coming.

New Filtering Options
There is now a new option when modifying filters to allow more advanced controls. You can now change a filter to require ANY of the listed items, ALL of the listed items, or NONE of the listed items. The default is Any, which is the behaviour from last month.

There have also been some changes to the number based filters, there are now 3 different number fields you can modify per item: Min, Max and Buffer.
  • Maximum is unchanged from last month, it will stop moving items if there is greater than the amount provided in the output container.
  • Minimum will now only move if you have greater than the supplied amount of items in the input container. For example, if you set minimum to 40 wood and you have 50 wood in the container, 10 will be moved.
  • Buffer is the old minimum behaviour, and will only move items in predetermined buffer sizes. For example, if you set Buffer to 40 wood and you have 50 wood in the container, 40 will be moved. This is helpful when supplying the Industrial Crafter with items required for crafting.

Minimum, Maximum and Buffer are only available when using “Any” and “All” filter modes, these options are not available when using the “None” filter mode.

To help understand buffer transfers there is also a new UI that shows any transfers in process.


Placement Improvements
The minimum distance between pipe points is now dramatically smaller, allowing for neater pipe placement around corners. There’s a new colour available (green) and “soloing” a connection by pressing RMB while looking at a plug will now keep the connection highlighted even if mousing over other entities. You can also now hold SHIFT when placing a pipe to make it collide with deployable entities, this can help run pipes around boxes and other objects in a more natural looking way.


Crafter Improvements
The Industrial Crafter now has 4 blueprint slots, allowing you to craft multiple items without having to connect conveyors to the blueprint slots (although those connections are still possible). When a crafter is deciding what to craft, it will look left to right and craft the first blueprint it has the required ingredients for.


Network Size Limits
The maximum size and depth of Industrial networks has been increased to 32 (from 16). This should allow more complex networks without having to resort to inserting extra containers. Along with this the behaviour of some item movement logic has changed: daisy chained boxes will now be filled in order rather than items being split up between them (the splitter will still split stacks though).

VENDING MACHINE LOOT[rust.facepunch.com]

When the vending machine is destroyed, it drops no loot. This was too incentivise players to sell high-value items and discourage raiding player-run stores. Over the years vending machines have undergone many changes, such as drone trading via the market terminal. We've also seen players use vending machines to despawn loot in various methods and act as additional base armour.

From today, when the vending machine is destroyed, it'll now drop 50% of the loot stored inside.

We have spent the month thoroughly testing and fixing multithreaded networking and are happy to report that as of the writing of this post all known issues with it have been addressed. In order to play it extra safe we will continue testing it on official servers over the coming days and then release a server update to enable it by default for all servers. As a reminder, if you're a server owner, feel free to test things ahead of time by adding the -networkthread startup parameter to your server.

Simultaneously, we will continue testing it on the client internally and then enable it for all clients by default next week.

ADDITIONAL CHANGE LOG[rust.facepunch.com]

  • Reduced minimum gap between pipe points
  • Can hold Shift to place entities on top of other deployed entities
  • Reworked Maximum and Minimum filter behaviour and added a Buffer mode
  • Added 3 more blueprint slots to the Industrial Crafter
  • Improved pipe generation performance and fixed pipes being regenerated too often
  • Added a green pipe colour
  • Added an extra slot for storage adaptors on the front of small boxes
  • Electric Furnace and Storage Adaptor performance improvements
  • Buffer transfers will now be cancelled if a conveyor is turned off or runs out of the item mid-transfer
  • Added a UI visualisation to show what buffer transfers are in process
  • Conveyors will now turn back on when they receive power if they were on when they lost power
  • Reduced volume of Industrial sounds
  • Industrial Crafter will now only make noise when it is crafting
  • Industrial Crafter will now pulse red if it’s output storage is full
  • Various server garbage collection improvements

  • Looking at another entity while an IO connection is solo’d will now maintain the solo visualisation
  • Fixed being able to place storage adaptors in places where they would intersect with other colliders (eg. top of a small box placed under a workbench)
  • Fixed some cases where blueprints wouldn't respect number based item filters
  • Fixed sometimes being unable to build in areas where pipes used to be
  • Ziplines should now be much less likely to kill the player if they collide with the terrain
  • Ziplines should now use alternate paths more often if the terrain is too close to the desired zipline
  • Fixed some cases where the Repair resources required UI wouldn’t appear when attempting to repair an entity
  • Fixed contacts button staying disabled permanently after connecting to a server with contacts disabled
  • Fixed water catchers no longer filling up with water when connected to a full water container
  • Fixed edge case where underground train tunnel entrance would not connect to underground train station
  • Various fixes for multithreaded networking

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