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'AlexJones' wrote:
I personally believe you should apply for moderator.

Im neutral, I have seen and heard about you abusing others even if you consider it banter.
You seem as if your way is the only way, which is a strong trait for when you are correct, however can be taken in a negative manner.
I would like to seen you around in the community for longer, before applying for a staff member position.
You do listen to admins, how ever you can tend to be a tad to strict on the server when it isnt needed to be

This is not a +rep.
How ever I do believe you should wait for longer in the community, and maybe put more effort into your application.
Also, you do take jailbreak seriously and thats a good start.

no cares alex

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Without going over board on what other people have already said, everything previously stated by @Ec1ipse and @AlexJones is quite true. Don't get me wrong, you are a nice dude. You've never disrespected me or majority of the Jailbreak community but there are times when your immaturity shines and you become abusive towards members which makes them fell "unwanted" within the community. Majority of the time on the server you are a great guy, you have an okay knowledge of the rules and you know how to sufficiently warden a round.

In all honestly, I don't know how you would act as an admin. I don't know wether or not you would be strict enough to punish people that are in the wrong and I don't know if you are able to maintain the maturity that is expected in certain situations that you have faced over the past month or so. I don't personally believe that you should be accepted at the current point because of the points stated above. 

TIP: When people comment stuff on an application don't get angry at them in the post. You should be thankful that people are willing to help you and are willing to teach you how to act 'better' in situations that a regular player may face. If you are able to gather anything from this post just act mature when on the server. Have fun but maintain a maturity level that makes you look like a suitable candidate for admin but a maturity level that makes people want to play and stay at Killzone Gaming.

Good luck


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So to start off his a good bloke funny to chat with the only negative thing about you man is that you can get triggered very easily i suggest you do control that but overall man +1 and good luck big boi. BICKEY BOYS

Good Vibes -JVilL-Scout God    


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Ok Force from the little i have seen of you on kzg servers is just rule and starting fights so do you think someone like that would be good for the staff team maybe just think about what you have done and re apply in 1 month or so i dont think you are ready


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The only thing I have to go off, is the way you reacted to negative feedback.

Hostility, with power, results in misjudgment and ultimately, misuse of power. If you're already ready to take aggressive stances upon opinions and feedback, I feel having you in power would put you in a position to lose control, and lash out. In your application you state that you want to help people, but so far all I'm seeing is ego and desire to be superior. Someone also claims and you didn't deny that you were rude to someone who was new (or pretending to be). New players should be treated with utmost respect, and open arms, and as someone who is passionate about helping others catch up to knowledge and standards I disagree with a vast majority of your application.

Half of your application can be achieved as a member of the community, and leaves me wondering what it means to you to be an admin. It's not to be in power, use commands, or assume authority over others. It's to maintain a healthy environment by being a role-model and only pulling out your metaphorical badge and uniform when someone isn't complying with the rules... only to return as a peer to the community.

Before I make a verdict, I'm curious. What does it mean to be an Admin?


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ForceX i do believe that in time if you learn to control your temper and not abuse players that you could make a great admin. I have seen one too many times you abuse other players in the kzg community which can not be tolerated as an admin. When you are not angry, you seem to be quite a nice person helping others learn. But for abusing players and that reason only it has to be a -rep from me. Good luck

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