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He is very respectful when I have seen him playing on the KZG servers.
Always friendly, and happy to help others when figuring out commands.
J_VilL is a great person, has a great personality as well, and is committed to playing the KZG servers (he is active)

- Admin for Combat Surf
- Admin for Easy/Hard (Skill) Surf




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Oi just like to thanks to everyone for what they left in the comments i really appreciate it its really nice to see some good comments on my mod app i love it and some negative comments gives me some vibes thanks boys loving the comments.

Good Vibes -JVilL-Scout God    


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+rep mature and loyal player, knows the rules, is helpful and a good bloke to talk to

Drinking Lean And Making Memes

-Skill Surf Admin

-Combat Surf Admin

Feel free to add me on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198242059170/

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'¥J_VilL¥' wrote:
Steam ID (http://steamidfinder.com):STEAM_0:0:129402382

Steam Name: J_VilL

What Server: Combat Surf

Who will vouch?: Liam, Real MeDz and Thrasher 

Age: 13

Description of yourself: I am an Respectful member of KZG community i love to have bantar in the community and have fun i'm always there to help people. I love bringing fun to the servers but i can also be a little immature on the servers.

Why you deserve this rank over the other applicants: I am a hard working active member that is looking to become an moderator and help out our servers and mute all those mic spammers and inappropriate language. I want to bring fun, happy, interesting and enjoyable stuff to our servers.  I've had more than 24 hours played on combat surf i find myself very active. my life is almost on  combat surf. The only time i'm not on is when i'm playing comp but i'm always on combat surf and you normally see me around.

 Im always on the servers to help those people that are new to combat surf i can be very helpful and respectful and have a little bit of bantar at the same time. I will not abuse the moderator powers that i will be given if i do get accept, I will keep the server nice and clean from all those Abusers, trash talkers, Mic Spammers, fights and all the none needed arguments. I want the servers to just be fun and peaceful and just have fun time on combat surf i think i could help out the servers by giving all my ideas to the server and share everything i need to share.

 I've put almost everything into the kzg servers and helped a lot of people when they need me. I would love to improve our servers and make it a better place for new players coming in everyday. I will put all my effort to kzg and work my hardest, always be there for other admins if they need something or need help with something. im more then welcome to be added if you want to add me feel free to message me at any time and ask for my skype if you want. im always on no matter what unless im at school, holidays or out with friends. Other than that im on KZG servers and helping out.

I have read the application requirements: Yas
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J_vill is very Respectful,Caring, Responsible and Active Member on KZG. He Introduced Me To Combat Surf And Was Very Respectful And Helpful He is Very Mature And He Always Knows How To Handle A Problem Sufficiently And Would Be A Great Mod For The KZG Community +Rep

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Easily deserves admins.

  • Very Active
  • Kind and respectful
  • Knows the rules
  • Isn't biased
  • Stays calm in any situation
  • Handles all situations professionally.
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