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Retakes map rotation/newmaps

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retakes gets real stale after a while of the mirage>d2>mirage>ferno>mirage>mirage meta

what are the chances of getting just 1 of the servers (ideally #1) changed to either alternative maps only (no d2/mirage/ferno) or having some kind of set rotation so that people arent joining the server, voting mirage, then leaving after 5 rounds

also it's been addressed in earlier posts - but why no vertigo? only excuse i can see is that it takes time to add spawn points - a cursory google yields many results for this already being done?

plenty of regulars on the retakes servers would agree with these changes

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Personally I think this would be a great idea as playing Mirage Over and Over again is just boring, I think this needs to happen as Mirage will continue to be the "favoured" map until something like this is done.

Stratz9480 :D

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Agree with vertigo add in. It is a competitive map.

With the rest of the maps, those are the most played maps in the game. Mirage is the most popular with Dust 2 pretty much the same but it's harder to retake. If say a new server was implemented with only overpass, cache, nuke, vertigo etc., they won't be as populated as a regular retake server because they aren't the most popular maps. Still a great idea though.

Edit: Would replace for #6 cos it sucks.

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What a nice suggestion ! True, that's only mirage, inferno, dust 2 been played on retake #1 .




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+rep make it happen

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