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Found 5 results

  1. Dubzz Fx

    skill surf

    Hello I am Dubzz Fx and I'm 15 years of age, I've been playing for while now I'm currently rank 4 on skill surf and here is a small list for now with some of the easiest bugs to fix that would make the server alot better and more enjoyable for the people, so lets get started cheated times/glitched times: most of the t1 maps have cheated time such as surf_summit, surf_reprise, surf_nyx, surf_mesa_fix these are not all the maps but their are time are just unbeatable because remove a skip or the start zone like surf_rebel_resistance, surf_egypt and surf_overgrowth2. speedcap/server down: Kzg has alot on maps on it that don't have the right speedcap on it such as surf_fornax should be uncapped instead being 3500 surf_interference should be uncapped, surf_reprise should be 4500 surf_flow should be uncapped again this isn't all of them but it is a start. Now with the servers it always to be the top 200 and expert surf are always down so for the people that want to learn t4 plus we can't at this time. teleport: On some maps that would teleport you do a different part of the map can sometimes make you face backwards witch would make the map unplayable, I don't the maps names but the map would mostly have no completes and I would find them if a admin contacts me. max velocity: For the largest problem that effects all maps that actually requires max velocity, there is a peculiar bug which allows your speed to actually reverse your velocity while you should be maintaining max velocity, for example as you come off a ramp at max velocity while gaining velocity in the y direction from gravity, entering a ramp will sit you at 3300 adn you can see it battle itselft to increase speed but ends up losing speed, this should obviously not occur. This is especially frustrating for maps such as utopia which has max velocity as a major component to the skilled bunch or choose to surf the map for a good time. 2500 speedcap: There is a bug occurring on multiple servers which caps a players speed at 2500, they are not able to exceed this speed throughout any part of the map. Players have tried restarting their game and it becomes a game of luck whether the player can re-join without the speed cap. If you did take the time out of your day to read this and you agree to what I have to say about the surf servers please tell people so we can spread the word to start making this a more enjoyable to play on Dubzz Fx
  2. zorry

    KZG Executes

    KZG Executes right now isn't how it was a year ago, I've played on this server for over a year and ever since the new cache came out there are spawn stuck spots on the server, this forces us to not vote cache and we were fine with that but then recently there are also more stuck spots on overpass and that just forces us to not play another map and now we are stuck with just 4 maps mirage, dust2, inferno and train. Dust2 also has 1 problem and thats the B door smoke since the doors are flipped the smoke now doesnt land on b doors and that is quite annoying. Our suggestion (the community) is asking to fix the spawn points and if you can, nade spots, add more maps (not necessary but would love that), give ct smoke grenades (thats part of executes right?), make a second Execute SG server (the one server is always filled up with 15 people, again not all that much necessary but with love that) I would just play with what i have because i love this server and everyone else who plays also do, we would play with these problems everyday, but i saw that KZG had a forums so i decided to make a suggestion and in hopes of enhancing the player experiences on the KZG Executes. We love this server, we all go there everyday to have fun and kill each other and i hope you accept my suggestion, me and along with all the good friends ive made on this server and other players would be very grateful. Im sorry if this was lazy, its because its 4am here am im trying to get this out as soon as possible in hopes of getting a reply as soon as possible. Thank you -Best regards, zoRRy
  3. slut.

    SG servers are broken

    SG servers are broken I am writing this because I don't know if this has been brought to the attention of any staff that is a part of Killzone Gaming. But I just wanted to say that the Retakes and Executes servers have been having stability issues for quite some time, I dont know when it started but people would have server side fps drops. From constant 300 fps - constant 40 fps. The only workaround would be to either disconnect and reconnect to the server or change your resolution and change it back. The server configs have recently been messed up as well ever since the last update, the terrorists and counter terrorists can hear each other's comms even when both sides are alive as sv_alltalk is set to 1. I appreciated the function of dead terrorists being able to hear dead counter terrorists but still give calls to teammates as it kinda made the servers stand out from the rest (Froid, Zyboys, Gaster). It is hilarious when you land a one tap on a guy and talk to the person you killed about it and they just call you a lucky shit. And also, the spawns for the new Cache hasn't been updated for the longest time. On regular retakes in the new cache, terrorists would spawn stuck in Checkers, B Main Plant and Site Corner every time it was a B site retake. On executes, terrorists would either spawn stuck in A Main or outside A Main (Under Boost beside the barrel). Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy playing on the servers alot but not being able to call flashes for teammates because your enemies would just turn (this results in a lot of teamflashes) and not being able to play de_cache as people just vote for de_mirage everytime after a non mirage retake game and it gets boring. I don't know if this is too much to ask from the admins or server operators but it would mean a lot to us. Thanks for taking the time to read this anyway. TL;DR Stability issues (FPS Spikes) Server configs messed up (You can hear everyone in the server) Cache spawns are bugged
  4. Taqo

    Casual Competitive.

    I made a post like this around a year ago, may even a little longer. And that was definitely poorly done so i'm going to remake it now. But this post is about how the casual competitive isn't in the greatest place right now. But it is better than what it was. And here are some ideas that could improve it . Map Cycle: • A little hard to describe this correctly but I'll try. Most of the time the server is on Mirage, Cache and inferno. Which doesn't really let the other maps like overpass and train to be played. A LOT of the time the map cycle will go like this; Mirage > Cache > Mirage and then inferno or some other map. Making it where a map can't be played more than once within 3 rotations would help space it out more. So you wouldn't be able to do my first example, It would look like this; Mirage > Cache > Overpass and then mirage. (Obviously these are just examples and could be with other maps etc. • This one does kind of ignores / disregards my first point. But I would like to see the old workshop maps being added back in. Playing Mirage dusk for example or the texture changed cache use to be so fun, and were just something that was refreshing but wasn't a complete change. I'm talking about the versions that had 100% of the normal layout. Just had different textures in some parts or the snow/dusk versions. • Obviously I get why adding vertigo would be way to annoying. But adding some of the other maps back in would be nice, Like; Nuke / Cobblestone for sure. Although i'd like to see abbey and biome also added, I 100% understand that would be pretty annoying considering they are relatively small. I know a lot of people had FPS problems on nuke, But they fixed that a while ago but I do understand how people still might lag on there but that'd mostly just be whens it's a full server with everyone spamming smokes etc. Bugs & "Features": • Throwing the bomb. This is a major issue that happens a lot. Basically Counter Terrorist can press E (+use) to throw the bomb. Which causes a lot of rounds to be won, all because a single CT can throw the bomb either towards CT spawn or just CT side of the map. I don't really know what causes this but I'm guessing it's just some other plugin and this is just a bug. Now staff have said that if you do it, They will kick/ban you as a result. *** NO FLAME INTENDED *** But fedora and some of the other staff have just done this themselves saying it's a feature. Please.... • !dm . This one allows you to give money to fellow team mates and enemies. This is a good idea but it shouldn't be allowed to be done on pistol rounds. I remember on my last post an admin said it's intended to promote team work etc. Which I get they want that, But it still is highly unfair getting ran down by someone with a SMG and head armour on pistol round. Punishments: • I am being serious here, I honestly am not looking for trouble or trying to talk shit etc i'm just going to be stating facts :) Now Hunter as we all know and love does his thing where he tries to get the best KD possible. Which results him saving on the 30th round of a game no matter if it's a 1v1 or not. Now I will admit he is going for more plays etc and not saving as much as he use to. But I've seen some other people, myself included. Saving at the end of the round when it's a 1v8 etc and not having enough money to buy again. Which results in saving which is fine, But they warn others for doing a proper save and they call it "delaying the game and warn us for it." But Hunter doesn't get a warning or anything. I understand and agree with anyone saving as long as it's for the right reasons.
  5. S1nap5e

    Colum_up teleports

    Hey there is just a minor issue in that the teleports in colum_up have all been rotated for some reason way to the right meaning that successful telehops on stage 5 and 6 become next to impossible. This wouldnt be a problem except that speccing the bot shows that the teleports for it are gun-barrell straight however making some times unbeatable
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