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Found 8 results

  1. haqte

    [AIM] haqte's Unban Appeal

    Your in-game name: haqte Your Steam_ID: STEAM_0:1:3376539 Any smurfs/alternate accounts that you have: STEAM_STEAM_ Discord Handle: haqte#0306 Server Group: OTHER What server were you banned on? AIM - Executes #2 Staff Member that Punished You: 1Macro Reason for Ban: flanking, baiting, generally not following the strat, ear rape - extension of first ban Why I should be unbanned / unmuted: I feel I should be unbanned from KZG for the following reasons; I did not recognize that my microphone was loud ("ear rape") and having an impact on other people's experiences. A simple DM from the admin would have been sufficient, hence I would have tried to fix my headset microphone and stop it from being loud. I also had my voice chat disabled, as I was listening to a podcast/music and didn't want to listen to teammates talking etc. In addition to this, the admin furthermore could have muffled/muted me until my microphone was fixed. I was also only using my microphone to give callouts for my team, to help them win. Meaning I was not intentionally making my microphone loud (not blasting loud music, etc etc.) In terms of 'flanking' I once never flanked during the duration of the maps on the server whilst the admin was on. (Cache Mirage, Dust II). Furthermore, I did always follow the point of the objective during the maps. However on Mirage when it said "Mid to B" I went under to apps, which is not breaking the rules as going to apartments is allowed when the Terrrisot side is executing a mid to B push, as many admins during de_mirage games have informed me that pushing apartments is fine. Baiting generally only impacts the game, if the person stalls the game and drags out the game leading to a boring slow experience for others on the sever playing. Examples of this being; baiting, not peeking at the enemy team, and stalling until the timer runs out. in conclusion, I feel that I have been wrongfully banned with regards to this executes sever, and an unban is needed thank you.
  2. Kaotic

    CSGO Gamblers

    We've got to have a few of them in the community right? Surely? or am I just an addict ;3 ANYWAY Post some of your best wins in here, Curious to know how you all been making dat money Ill post some of mine too ? https://imgur.com/a/SORt7
  3. View this giveaway FREE OXYGEN (LIMITED TIME ONLY) FREE OXYGEN GIVEAWAY - JOIN FOR OXYGEN GIVING AWAY AN OXYGEN | OXYGEN FADE - OXYGEN NEW Submitter Icy Expiration Date Less than a minute Submitted 05/10/18 Category Giveaways  
  4. Hey guys, PlayerAuctions' giveaway page is on a roll! We're doing 2 big giveaways!!! ----- First off: 4 $50 coupons are up for grabs for Path of Exile! And 1 MAJOR winner of an ALL builds complete pack worth $99, courtesy of seller CloudStrifeXIV Join here: https://blog.playerauctions.com/playerauctions-giveaway/path-of-exile/ ----- Second: 4 &50 coupons are being given away for BATTLE ROYALE games! Usable on PUBG, Fortnite, World of Tanks, H1Z1, CS: GO, Battlefield V Join here: https://blog.playerauctions.com/playerauctions-giveaway/gaming-goodies/ ----- Please don't forget the terms, read them here: - Giveaway is open worldwide - No purchase is necessary, and all registrations are optional - Coupons are usable only at https://www.playerauctions.com - Coupons are non-transferable to cash nor to any other game - For the full list of the terms, please refer to the links above Good luck guys, and hope one of you wins! - The PlayerAuctions Team
  5. Hello awesome people of KZG! We've partnered up with Team Dignitas to giveaway a Shadow Daggers - Marble Fade skin for CS:GO! The giveaway link is below: https://gleam.io/qUnuT/shadow-daggers-marble-fade-giveaway As always: - Joining is FREE, and registrations are totally optional - Prize is non-transferable to cash - Can be used directly on your Steam account Hope you can take advantage of this! Good luck, and may the odds be in your favor! - The PlayerAuctions Team
  6. B0nes

    Scammers getting worse on steam?

    Just food for thought. A little while ago when Valve had a huge smack-down on cs cheaters, there was also a massive scammer ban all throughout steam (trade bans). After that, I saw a really decent decrease in scams that personally effected me. (A lot less people adding me with intention to scam). But over the last month, I've had at least 10 people add me with that intention...its getting crazy again, and now I'm requesting comments before adds etc. The graph I attached clearly shows the massive wave of VAC and game bans (late january), and then a complete lack of them through the last month or two. Can someone explain to me how valve bans people (Game and VAC) And if I've misunderstood game/trade bans entirely. Otherwise, what are you thoughts! Cheers guys, B0nes EDIT: Added second screenshot showing exact figures from January wave
  7. Sir Janus

    5 Hydra Cases Giveaway

    View this giveaway 5 Hydra Cases Giveaway i will be giving away 5 CS:GO Hydra Case valued at around 2$ each and some extra skins Submitter Sir Janus Expiration Date 3 days and 16 hours Submitted 02/01/18 Category Giveaways  
  8. We are proud to announce our latest server release - Roleplay CSGO Roleplay has been a joint collaboration between a number of community's. Special thanks to GGC and painlessgaming for developing the code and creating the map. They have both invested a lot of time and effort into this project and deserve all the credit. We at KZG have helped contribute by supplying a large amount of player models/NPCs with animations, options to change skin tones/race and we will continue to supply models/props throughout the development. CONNECT What is CSGO roleplay? Is it like Gmod Roleplay? Yes, it's quite similar to GMOD roleplay and has lots of potential even though CSGO has a lot of limitations and restrictions unlike GMOD. It's very exciting to see a game mode this unique and complex finally reach CSGO. The opportunity is there for you to accept different characters, design your apartment or house, live life on the wild side as a criminal or become a police officer and patrol the streets in your police vehicle. Features Police, medic, gardener, drug dealers/growers, miners, garbage collectors and maybe more to come! Sophisticated rank and XP system for each job You can buy your own apartment or house and add/move/rotate your own furniture A banking system allowing you to manage your financials Interact with NPC's and real players Complex Crime system with a Jail system with eruption & more Medic system with different blood types Inventory system (just press your inspect button) Bank/Vault Heist events etc Gun Licenses Loot System (try not to die...) Lots of custom skins, furniture and other props which do abilities such as heal/help your business grow. Vehicle system (will be disabled for BETA) Whats to come? Please keep in mind that this on only the beta and beginning of Roleplay. You can expect a lot new features to be released in the coming months such as new jobs, a bigger extended map overall tweaks to the whole experience & lots more. We would like to remind your that the server is in beta and the very early days. Any suggestions and bug reports can be posted in the appropriate sections. Options to apply to be in the police force will be revealed soon. An in depth guide will be created soon as well as a FAQ for common questions. Have fun! CONNECT
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