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Found 11 results

  1. haqte

    [AIM] haqte's Unban Appeal

    Your in-game name: haqte Your Steam_ID: STEAM_0:1:3376539 Any smurfs/alternate accounts that you have: STEAM_STEAM_ Discord Handle: haqte#0306 Server Group: OTHER What server were you banned on? AIM - Executes #2 Staff Member that Punished You: 1Macro Reason for Ban: flanking, baiting, generally not following the strat, ear rape - extension of first ban Why I should be unbanned / unmuted: I feel I should be unbanned from KZG for the following reasons; I did not recognize that my microphone was loud ("ear rape") and having an impact on other people's experiences. A simple DM from the admin would have been sufficient, hence I would have tried to fix my headset microphone and stop it from being loud. I also had my voice chat disabled, as I was listening to a podcast/music and didn't want to listen to teammates talking etc. In addition to this, the admin furthermore could have muffled/muted me until my microphone was fixed. I was also only using my microphone to give callouts for my team, to help them win. Meaning I was not intentionally making my microphone loud (not blasting loud music, etc etc.) In terms of 'flanking' I once never flanked during the duration of the maps on the server whilst the admin was on. (Cache Mirage, Dust II). Furthermore, I did always follow the point of the objective during the maps. However on Mirage when it said "Mid to B" I went under to apps, which is not breaking the rules as going to apartments is allowed when the Terrrisot side is executing a mid to B push, as many admins during de_mirage games have informed me that pushing apartments is fine. Baiting generally only impacts the game, if the person stalls the game and drags out the game leading to a boring slow experience for others on the sever playing. Examples of this being; baiting, not peeking at the enemy team, and stalling until the timer runs out. in conclusion, I feel that I have been wrongfully banned with regards to this executes sever, and an unban is needed thank you.
  2. Jenny

    Feedback of Fun Mod :)

    Hello KZG, Yesterday my mates introduced me to the Fun Mod server, and I thought I would leave a thread to leave my feedback, hoping that it doesn't leave me looking like a dumbass . I also only have 1h~ on the server so this is based off my experience so far, hopefully this feedback will benefit the server and eventually let it gain popularity over time. So during my time yesterday I actually did have quite a bit of fun, even tho there was only about 5-6 people on the server, it didn't take away from the fact that you could kinda just chill out and mess around for a bit if you didn't feel like playing seriously or if you wanted something else to do. Here's where the feedback actually starts: Game Modes: So I played a few different game modes yesterday and they all seemed pretty enjoyable. I mostly enjoyed one of the deagle maps and the scout knives map when there tends to me more people on, it tends to get a bit difficult but its still pretty cool. I'm also certain a variety of new modes will eventually be added into the map pool as the server grows larger, and the general server popularity will rise. So in terms of game modes, I think everything is all good so far, maybe change the map time of each map to about 20 mins so that people who are connected longer get more of a chance to see what they like and try out all of the modes that they can. Changing the map time would also lower the chances of mid round rtv's and of people getting a bit bored from the map dragging out too long. In-Game Shop: Now here's what I'm thinking and I'm sure a lot of other people are too... Some of the shop items at the moment are WAYYY TO OP. And from what I understand, it's setup so that the more time players invest into the server, the more perks they get = the more fun they have. While this is good, it doesn't stop the items being too overpowered and potentially ruining the fun for other people, (especially new players like me). Imagine this: The server has grown in popularity and there's now 12-15 people playing on the server at once (I'm not really sure how many slots the server can take, but even this number would be out of control). They are all regular players and know each other well, but since they are all regulars, they all have heaps of in-game money, and are all high levels, which leads to them using store perks a whole lot more than they should be used. While I was on yesterday, my friend bought this thing where he could just no-clip around the map and basically stab everyone in their spawn if he really wanted to. Imagine 15 people all trying to do that on one small map that was meant for a certain mode, not for everyone flying around, and not really playing the mode. Now this is where my opinion is strong and how I feel about the store. I personally think that the in-game store perks for higher ranked players should still be better than most other players, but not to the point of which they are flying around as fast as they want knifing everyone on the other team, because it really ruins the vibe of the gamemode and takes the fun out of it for others. Alright so that's it for now, tbh I feel like I've forgotten to put in a fair bit, but if I think of anything, I'll make sure I let someone know or make a new thread As for me, I generally play on the retakes servers a fair bit, and occasionally come on the AWP server and 1v1 Arena's so if you ever see me on, make sure u say hi Kind regards, Jenny.
  3. NOS

    NOS's Unban Appeal

    Steam Account Name: NOS Steam ID: STEAM_http://steamcommunity.com/id/ nos1qsadfsfd Alternate Accounts: STEAM_i have no other acc related Server Group: COMBAT Server: Casual Competitive Date / Time of Ban: november 20 2018 Admin that Punished You: dont know the admin that ban me Reason for Ban: I had cheats and I was on the community because I nothing to do so I join KZG and was play on the sever and I got banned . Why I should be unbanned / unmuted: I want to get Unbanned from KZG because I want to play with my mates (NOY , Snypa and sen[Z]) can u please Unban me Tito
  4. FlamingWater

    Heyyyyyyy <3

    I just wanna come here say an offical "hi" to the kzg community I have been on the kzg awp server for the last few days and its been growing so fast, like most people have moved from sng to kzg, hehe I also have been admins in the past, eg. server admin for sng 1v1, ttt and is applying for admin on awp. I am looking forward to learn and also become an admin here on the new awp server and hope all of you guys are willing to help me out on this cus i dont know much of the rules yet, if i do something wrong, please dont hesitate and tell me! After all, the kzg servers have been a great hit for me in the pass few days and i'll definately be on the server more and more, and hope to get to see all you guys pretty soon on the awesome severs (lol, thx for reading all these)
  5. Σxoticrage

    KZG Rust Server?

    Should KZG have a Rust Server? Please Vote, Thanks
  6. SpaceJam2k

    AimStaff Never Got Vac-banned

    @Naga @Cheese @Codex @tjweary
  7. Server you're Applying for?: Jailbrak Steam Account Name: ♠ ^^ I-X3LAr-8 ^^ ♛ Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:449127 Age: 14 Description of Yourself: I am a kind loving person who plays video games I got into video games because of my dad he used to play counterstrike source and hence where I am today Play Time on the server you're applying for?: 14 days 00:18:19 hours What time do you normally play on the Server you're appplying for?: Weekdays:5:00 to 7:00 Weekends 3:00 or 2:00 to :10:00 Holidays 3:00 or 2:00 to 11:00 Australian time Vouching Staff Members of the server you are applying for?: Gyro, Rileyfitz Players vouching your application?: Rocky, Harry Pooter and kaleb17439 [trading Why do you think you deseve to be a part of the Killzone Gaming Staffing Team?: I believe i should be part of the KZG jailbreak team because I am a kind loving person and I will always be willing to help someone in need. What qualities can you bring to Killzone Gaming?: I will bring Kindness, knowlege of the rules and non toxicity to other players Have you checked the application requirements?: Yes Have you read the server rules of the server you're applying for?: Yes Do you have a loud and audible microphone?: Yes
  8. Hi my name is Xelar8 I am a funny guy but don't make me mad or I will rage my ass off I usually play on every Single KZG server that are big e.g Minigames Jailbreak (Used to) Scoutsknivez 1v1 and Combat surf I would like to welcome all the newcomers to KZG and hope they have a fantastic time here Steam name [BBG] ♠ ^^ I-X3LAr-8 ^^ ♛
  9. View this giveaway 5 CSGO KEYS GIVEAWAY 5 CSGO Keys To Giveaway! Please Share! Thank's! Submitter krewzy Expiration Date 1 hour and 5 minutes Submitted 20/08/17 Category Giveaways
  10. We are proud to announce our latest server release - Roleplay CSGO Roleplay has been a joint collaboration between a number of community's. Special thanks to GGC and painlessgaming for developing the code and creating the map. They have both invested a lot of time and effort into this project and deserve all the credit. We at KZG have helped contribute by supplying a large amount of player models/NPCs with animations, options to change skin tones/race and we will continue to supply models/props throughout the development. CONNECT What is CSGO roleplay? Is it like Gmod Roleplay? Yes, it's quite similar to GMOD roleplay and has lots of potential even though CSGO has a lot of limitations and restrictions unlike GMOD. It's very exciting to see a game mode this unique and complex finally reach CSGO. The opportunity is there for you to accept different characters, design your apartment or house, live life on the wild side as a criminal or become a police officer and patrol the streets in your police vehicle. Features Police, medic, gardener, drug dealers/growers, miners, garbage collectors and maybe more to come! Sophisticated rank and XP system for each job You can buy your own apartment or house and add/move/rotate your own furniture A banking system allowing you to manage your financials Interact with NPC's and real players Complex Crime system with a Jail system with eruption & more Medic system with different blood types Inventory system (just press your inspect button) Bank/Vault Heist events etc Gun Licenses Loot System (try not to die...) Lots of custom skins, furniture and other props which do abilities such as heal/help your business grow. Vehicle system (will be disabled for BETA) Whats to come? Please keep in mind that this on only the beta and beginning of Roleplay. You can expect a lot new features to be released in the coming months such as new jobs, a bigger extended map overall tweaks to the whole experience & lots more. We would like to remind your that the server is in beta and the very early days. Any suggestions and bug reports can be posted in the appropriate sections. Options to apply to be in the police force will be revealed soon. An in depth guide will be created soon as well as a FAQ for common questions. Have fun! CONNECT
  11. Hey guys, So I've started a project of making a KZG theme'd deck for the online version of Cards against Humanity, if you don't already know what this game is here's the concept: Each round one black card is revealed, this is the question card and might look something like this: My only purpose in life is ___. you then use the 10 white cards in your hand to fill in the blank, the winner of the round is the funniest answer judged by the card czar whom's role is rotated every round. There are also blank white cards where you are able to write whatever you want as your answer for that round. Simple in nature, amazingly fun. So I'm aiming for MINIMUM 50 Black cards and 200 White cards, I currently have 52 blacks and 45 whites as of posting this, and I want your guys help as i'm starting to run out of ideas and i know there's some cards that would be great additions but I would never come up with. I am mainly looking for white cards but if you do have a really good black card in mind then please feel free to comment them as well. There's no limit on how many you can comment so go wild! Here's some examples of white cards to get you thinking: "It takes the fun out of it", Good admins, TTT, The KZG minecraft server, Hitler Sirtron, 50% off trial moderator, Strawbzz, Chewie's Nudes, intuitive gameplay, ban appeals. Some examples of Black cards: Admins do get paid! with _, Fybiz/Strawbz/Nutella will change his name to _ next, Sirtron has a _ fettish, A new rule on Scoutz was added saying: _ will no longer be tolerated. I'll let you know when it's done and hopefully we can do a tournament or somethin :). If you would like to try the unfinished version of the deck, go to http://pyx-1.pretendyoure.xyz/zy/ , create a game and in "chat with game members" type /addcardcast U5RG4 this will always display the current card lineup so as I update/add new cards you will be able to access the new content live! You will need to also add other default packs as it is not yet 50 blacks and 200 whites which is the minimum amount for a deck to be played by itself. Peace
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