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[SKILL SURF] null's Moderator Application


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Current Steam Name: null
Steam ID: STEAM_STEAM_0:1:230903262
Discord Handle: ˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞barbaque#2967

Age: 17
Gender: Male

Description of myself: I'm a 17 y/o male from Sydney and I've been an active surfer on KZG for a long time, I've been playing some sort of surf since I was 10 years old. I began with combat surf and slowly came to love skill surf and have been playing since around 14. I've recently began playing heavily again and am enjoying it thoroughly. I'm currently entering school holidays as I'm attending year 12 and will be going through HSC trials in a few weeks, however I feel confident with them and don't believe they will take away from my hobbies.

Qualities I can bring to Killzone Gaming: I play very regularly often 2-3 hours daily and am quite adept and calming people in game and can often get them to be respectful to others in the server before a moderator deems that they need to be muted. I have also had Moderator experience in the past on a Garry's Mod server run by Poseidon gaming, which I had the position of Senior Mod for around 5 months before I eventually quit. I can bring a fun and easy going attitude to the server when I join and I often instigate enjoyable and light hearted conversations to servers I join but can also de-escalate any conversations that appear to be going too far. I want to be a more active part of the community and take place in events and conversations with more people who surf and I believe this can be a stepping stone towards that. In summary if i receive a Mod role i can bring understanding, reasoning and comfortability to all KZG skill surf servers and believe it's of utmost importance to keep KZG servers as a safe and fun place to take part in an amazing game mode and community and will make sure everyone enjoys their time on KZG.

Contributions I have made towards Killzone Gaming: I believe my active personality in KZG has made a positive impact on the community throughout the years, although its hard to tell as I swapped my main account recently and often change my steam name (which i don't plan on doing going forward). I've also been active in the skill surf servers recently and try to actively engage in conversation and stop harassment of others as much as possible.

Play time on the server group I am applying for: 2d 01:56h - Easy Surf 2 with total alive time in KZG of: 15d 14h 14m

Vouching staff member/s: N/A
Vouching player/s: loggie2525, m0jave_, d0gg of the church

I have read and met the application requirements for the server group I am applying for: YES
I have read the Community Rules: YES

Are you currently a staff member of another community: NO,

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  • Bot

Hi hamburger,

We wish you all the best in your Staff Application!


The Staff Application Process usually takes between 2-3 weeks upon making an application.

- Killzone Gaming Management

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Seen him quite active amongst the playerbase and servers. Assisting others in need.

Best of Luck

Steam Community: NightmareOCE

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Hey there null, 
If you wanna have a chat about why this was denied please shoot me a message on discord @ Jd#1037
or Make a support ticket and tag me. 


Skill surf Manager 
Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/JDqt72/
Discord: Jd#1037
 Skill surf rules (click me) 


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  • Bot


We are sorry to inform you that this application has been denied.

if you have enquiry's about the judgement of this application please do not hesistate to get in touch with a member of the Senior Staff Team ( one of the following; Head Administrator, Manager, Community Director, Management).


- Killzone Gaming Management

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