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Found 13 results

  1. Rumeery


    I just wanted to say first off, admins you stinky! But much love to you Hi everyone, my name is fuyu, I'm an 18 year-old shy idiot, located in Sydney, who has recently graduated and doesn't know how to spend there time wisely, so I just do whatever. I've been active on KZG since late 2017 and I've been playing CS since 2015, currently I have 2,537.5 hours on the game. I mostly play on 24/7 AWP, though I do play easy, beginner and noob surf occasionally, with arena every now and then. Apart from playing CS, I have a lot of hobbies such as drawing, playing music and recently I've been getting into a exercise routine. Also, I play lots of other games, for example, I am a very big VR enthusiast with my valve index, sadly I don't have full-body tracking yet. So yeah, that's pretty much it and I hope you have a good day! Thanks fuyu,
  2. Current Steam Name: Coomvent Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:517906405 Discord Handle: TurdWaffleTurtle#4957 Age: 20 Gender: Male Description of myself: This application is for the awp server (there was no option so I selected AIM). Avid awp server player, qualified navy officer (world class leadership & managing) , gets along with everyone, mature. Qualities I can bring to Killzone Gaming: Extra admin coverage, I play quite a lot. Have come across a few cheaters w/o any admins on recently. Contributions I have made towards Killzone Gaming: As per my last application. Play time on the server group I am applying for: 15 days Vouching staff member/s: Kiter (trial mod) Vouching player/s: Besto, Kwazy Woombat, KS I have read and met the application requirements for the server group I am applying for: YES I have read the Community Rules: YES Are you currently a staff member of another community: NO,
  3. Chosen

    Its Forum time

    Hello, i guess its forum time bois
  4. V!C£

    join without prime req?

    recently my main was vacced i know that sounds bad but like i dont know why it was vacced and i just wanna know if i can join kzg servers without prime with my new main steam account Vacced account: https://steamcommunity.com/id/61198326679967/ New account: http://steamcommunity.com/id/17840279175891/ discord: vice#0923
  5. bambii

    Map - Awp_garden

    Hey, new map I made, posted it to map suggestions but thought I'd make an official thread. As I said it is quite new, any suggestions/feedback would be appreciated. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1871495415
  6. Kai.

    AutoBHOP vs Doublejump

    HEY Was just wondering if there was a reason double jump was chosen over Autobhop. I enjoy doublejump, but autobhop would be pretty fun as well.
  7. Bloomzey

    Rules for AWP

    This are the set rules for kzg AWP [no free vip]
  8. sergej

    AWP 24/7 FREEVIP

    just wanna ask on how to get the freevip and if its possible for me to acquire it, thanks
  9. zm101

    Double jump! yes or no :D

    Curious to see how many people like the double jump in awps. type yes or no in the comments ps. this is not a poll to removed double jump, i do not have that authority to do that.
  10. s1mplekye

    karuga- LFT's Unban Appeal

    Steam Account Name: karuga- LFT Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:190403432 Server Group: AWP Server: Date / Time of Ban: 14/5/18 8:47 PM Admin that Punished You: Jaagzz Reason for Ban: I got banned for "Arguing / Toxic / Delaying" Even though I wasn't really arguing and it wasn't just me as well, a lot of other people were arguing more, toxic even though I said one sentence towards nobody and a few other people were being toxic and delaying even though I was trying to kill the last person by a trickshot when it was a 3v1. Why I should be unbanned / unmuted: I don't really see a point because I was never warned unlike other people. One person did say 2 racial slurs yet got warned both times and those reasons don't really apply to what I was doing.
  11. FlamingWater

    Heyyyyyyy <3

    I just wanna come here say an offical "hi" to the kzg community I have been on the kzg awp server for the last few days and its been growing so fast, like most people have moved from sng to kzg, hehe I also have been admins in the past, eg. server admin for sng 1v1, ttt and is applying for admin on awp. I am looking forward to learn and also become an admin here on the new awp server and hope all of you guys are willing to help me out on this cus i dont know much of the rules yet, if i do something wrong, please dont hesitate and tell me! After all, the kzg servers have been a great hit for me in the pass few days and i'll definately be on the server more and more, and hope to get to see all you guys pretty soon on the awesome severs (lol, thx for reading all these)
  12. Bekky

    Awp Server?

    I believe an AWP Team Deathmatch server is needed.
  13. Jerry

    AWP l Safari Mesh

    View this giveaway AWP l Safari Mesh Giving away AWP Safari Mesh FT feel free to enter! Submitter Jerry Expiration Date 1 day and 21 hours Submitted 28/07/17 Category Giveaways
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