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Found 12 results

  1. Map pool server listing; Add colum/section to forum "Server Map Pool" / "Server Maps" Ability to choose between servers; example - Skill [Click for server list] Ability to choose, Noob, easy, hard, expert, combat, retakes etc [This will give players the ability to see which maps are currently on each server, so making suggestions for each server/s map pool will be easier] Add a section for all maps that aren't in server map pools, so we can avoid having the same suggested maps that just aren't in the map pool Add a voting system into the forum section for maps to be added/removed [This can be done via >Strawpoll< if we're unable to impliment a voting system into the forums] Add a section where players/creators can post their own maps in detail, a showcase video is a must to show how the map is surfed [Maps that aren't fully complete will not be accepted] Add a section for Players/creators where the community can upvote/downvote maps and give a reason why they should or shouldn't be added to the server map pool Maps must be tested by a higher up/s of the staff to insure the maps aren't being created to benefit one person who knows the 'big skip' The server listings could be as simple as a shortlink going to a googledoc showing all the current server map/s for that specific server. I think this would be a good addition to the forums as I know many people would like to see this feature implimented into the forum aswell as I. I am not taking any credit for the suggestion as I've seen or heard simular suggestions over my time playing.
  2. surfboihohen


    I identify as a G mail, because I always send it. Frey is still the worst Master & top 100 surfer. You can't change my mind. Smile
  3. S1nap5e

    surf_kitsune2 Walkthrough

    Hey guys, new map guide on in my opinion one of the best tier 3 surf maps. Comment below on what maps you would like to see next!
  4. Steam Account Name: wynterjames Steam ID: 76561198879808246/ Age: 13 Sex: Male Desciption of Myself: I myself am a coder love metal (the type of music) I will be a good mod as I have ADHD I am very smart at tech. Qualities I bring to Killzone Gaming Alot of qualites Why I Deserve to be Part of Killzine Gaming: I'm a great person never abused power and will take care of others and ban and mute racist and more Play-Time on Server Group: Its not on there but alot on noob surf Times Usually Played on Server Group: any hour I can get on maybe like 10 am or anytime i can get on brisbane time Vouching Staff on Server Group: mod server noob surf #1 group Vouching Players: I dont know what that is Have Read Server Group Rules: Yes Have Met Server Group and Application Requirements: Yes Have working Microphone: Yes
  5. So many want to learn but find it just takes too long to surf properly. I'd like to help those that want to learn to surf. I have a youtube video dedicated to this but I'm sure we can't advertise outside links here. If you have any questions on surfing or you just want to learn how to surf, please respond here. EDIT: I have added the video, click to play.
  6. Sexy Smexy

    Gamer: Smexy's Unban Appeal

    Steam Account Name: Gamer: Smexy Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:27574550 Server Group: Server: Combat Surf Date / Time of Ban: 02-16-18 15:58 Admin that Punished You: Gimmieyofries? Reason for Ban: Doxxing a fellow player (Kudose) Why I should be unbanned / unmuted: I'm not going to put a whole lot of effort for a appeal that's probably going to get denied, but it's been almost a year since my perm ban (1 month and a few days off a year) i admittedly did play on the server using a alt account for a few weeks, and from my time on there, it was fun. I was nice to the community, and the community was nice to me. Players that were playing during the few weeks i was on a alt can say that i was a nice member of the community. Alot has changed in me since a year ago. Not being able to play KZG for a whole year made me realise how much i actually miss it and enjoyed it. I hope you guys consider letting me back into the community, have a great day. -Sexy Smexy
  7. skyprah

    Name the new surf map and win!

    Feeling creative? Suggest an awesome name and win some s#%t! How will it work? Just suggest some names for the new upcoming surf map. We will then select some of the suggestions which will be displayed on a poll on the forums. You can suggest more than one name. Theme Theme of the map is an alien planet. You've arrived at night on land by spaceship and have decided to explore the depths of this beautiful planets oceans. Prizes? Hell yeah! First place Subnautica $50 to spend on the new KZG store 50,000 in game raffle tickets Second Place $25 to spend on the new KZG store 50,000 in game raffle tickets Third place $10 to spend on the new KZG store 50,000 in game raffle tickets *Notes on the map* Map is a T1 Linear. Map created by Hardex Map is not 100% compete. The ramp textures from the images are not the final textures. Animated creatures yet to be added besides some friendly jelly fish. Bonus 1 below. Bonus 2 below. Bonus 3 below. This post has been promoted to an article
  8. Bobbby


    i request that we get downycats other maps on this server (surf_zts and surf_galactic) because we already have downycats worst map (Catrix) which he made for his dead cats so i think we should put his other maps on because they are 20x better then catrix and would be a good addition for the community.
  9. View this giveaway ??Random?Steam?Keys?Giveaway ?? This is a giveaway for a random steam key, its a surprise! Submitter yams Expiration Date 1 day and 14 hours Submitted 09/01/18 Category Giveaways  
  10. yams

    ??Random?Steam?Keys?Giveaway ??

    Type: Giveaway


    • 1 Prize
    • 36 Participants

    This is a giveaway for a random steam key, its a surprise!
  11. Clifford

    new maps to add

    Post what maps you guys want to see added to combat surf: my suggestions: surf_sportsarena - http://gamebanana.com/maps/195621
  12. krue.

    Competitive Combat Surf?

    Competitive Combat Surf Hello all, I've had this idea in mind for quiet some time. And i would like to see the communities thoughts, or suggestions. Now the idea, is to bring a few or so combat surf communities together in order to have a competitive match off between each community. I was thinking, each community (example. KZG, saltvex, Reflex) is to bring together a team of 10. There will be scheduled events in which teams are to vs each other. With my background knowledge in website development and server management. I would be more then happy to supply a leader/ladder board website in which people can go to see the scores/wins/loses and to see which community is in the lead of course! And of course a private server for these events to be run. Keep in mind this is just an idea at the moment, but is something that could be very possible. I, would like to see a larger community not necessarily having to be based with public servers but to bring servers together to forge more competition in the community, and to maybe even branch out to others via. twitch/steam and to bring more of an appeal to combat surf. Obviously there would be prizes to win for each team but would have to be worked down into a fair environment for everyone (the team). Please o please, send in some suggestions ideas or maybe just the thumbs up to convince me its a great idea. Now just remember the purpose of all this would be to bring a social and more competitive surf community. Also, if anyone may have name suggestions for the event/group please list below!

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